Comodo IS 6 Beta is making my friends internet drop

Ever since I installed Comodo IS 6 Beta on my friend comp his Internet on that computer is dropping out every 30 seconds. I tried disabling the firewall and it still happens. When Comodo gets uninstalled every things fine.

Maybe you installed Comodo DNS and it’s not a very good/fast option where your friends lives or maybe there is some conflict with another software installed or even Windows firewall.

No I did not tick it on the main installation.

Check if your friends computer have other sort of security software that might be conflicting.

Nope I just fresh installed it for him. Comodo is the 1st thing on it.

Plus Windows firewall + defender are off

So it seems all you can do for now is to post a bug report and maybe remove it and install the previous version 5.

We got that problem fixed now another problem. Whenever he opens a program and clicks Runs unlimited the program crashes and can’t run.

That also sounds like a new bug to me :slight_smile:
Please report it.

Can you please post the solution in case others run in to the same issue

I too had something same, my connection didn’t drop but was moving at snail’s pace, in my case reinstalling the connection solved it !!

We fixed the connection dropping by Disabling and re-enabling the network adapter and disabling filter loopback traffic

You know, it was clearly stated NOT to run this on production machines.
This is a Beta and as such it is prone to having bugs.
You DL this, you run and test it on your computer at your own risk.
Putting it on someone else’s computer is irresponsible on your part.
These are the facts.

I know that, he wanted it. We were testing it in Windows 8 RTM as he disliked 5.12

This might have something to do with how aggressive you set the Behavior Blocker options. If Auto-Sandbox Unknown Applications As is set to BLOCKED, then I’d say what your friend is experiencing is expected.

I run this way all the time as I prefer it as my “training” method. I know that when the application fails to launch that it has been blocked and complete the training by opening File Rating => Unrecognized Files to mark is as trusted if I want. Then I launch the application again and use it.

In the future, please raise new issues/questions in new threads… it helps all forum users target what information is in the thread when searching. Thank You.

Well… spent all day yesterday with network issues, and when i removed CIS the problem’s were gone. I left my desktop downloading some stuff all night, and this morning it looks better… CIS still on.

It was a fresh install, partially limit, and when the popup came up we click Always trust and run unlimited but it blocked the file, even running a program with the BB off it would still block it an no popups.

We got annoyed and tried re-installing but the same problem continued on a fresh install of CIS6 after a restart. So he just decided to return to CIS 5.12 for now as there are 0 problems so far with that.