Comodo IS 6.0 [~] [v6]

Was waiting for CIS 6.0… And now I’m reverting to last known-good v5.12. Thx - Comodo Team!

  1. the antivirus scan - scans even the autoscan schedules are unchecked. best is to delete them like in the previous version. but what for is the new check/uncheck box then?

  2. the AV tasks are now called “general tasks” - why not “AV Task”?

  3. there are no “advanced tasks” (options) directly from the AV card. have to go through eg. the firewall instead

  4. defense+ has the HIPS disabled by default

  5. sandbox (as buggy as ever) is the main defense+ engine. HIPS was better and more reliable

  6. no control over HIPS from tray icon context menu

  7. disabling HIPS does not change the CIS state to “unsafe”, so one does not easily know if it is enabled

  8. no information before the app will be sandboxed

  9. impossible to see what apps were sandboxed

Great work Comodo Team!!!

Thanks very much for your issue report. We have moved it to the non-format bugs board for the moment, because too much of the information we normally need to replicate a problem and fix it is missing, or it is not in the format we request.

We realize some people may not have the time to do bug report in standard format, and therefore offer the option of a non-format report instead. But the problem is much more likely to be fixed promptly if you edit your first post to create an issue report which meets all criteria in the Checklist and Format. (You can copy and paste the format from this topic). The general reasons why are summarized in that post, the reasons we ask for specific pieces of information are given in this detailed post.

You can get your report moved to the format verified issues board simply by ensuring that it is correctly formatted and all criteria are met, and PM’ing a mod who is active on the bug board.

Issues mentioned are not bugs - only design flaws… Those are not related with my configuration… Those are general issues (!)

You are right I do not have time. Mainly becuse I do have experience with sending the complete issue-forms… With no actual result and and answer. So what is the point of filling them I you never fix things thast are being described???

I will simply keep 5.12 version as long it will last - like already many people did after 6.0 was introduced. And maybe in the future we will change COMODO software to something similiar but better as it will appear on the market.

Well. I have worked with Comodo and we Have fixed my 4 bug reports. and i know of two more bugs they have fixed. I also know they are working ■■■■■■■ the reports. And there will be a very nice updated release some time in the future. Just be patient. ;D

Can you please check and see if this is fixed with the newest version (version 6.2.282872.2847)? Please let us know whether it is fixed or you are still experiencing the problem.

Also, note that all bug reports in the Non-Format section of the forum, which is where this report currently is, are not looked at by the devs. Thus, if the bug you were experiencing is still not fixed please edit your first post so that it is in the correct format (found here, with all required attachments, so I can forward this to the devs and get this problem fixed.

Thank you. PM sent.

Actually, upon looking at this again, these are not bugs, but comments on V6. Thus, I will move this to the proper section of the forum.

@ Shirka2010, I hope you are happier with CIS V 6.2 than you were with V 6.0.