Comodo internetsecurity(virus definintion file) download prob


Could ya help with this, my comodo does not download new virus definition files. This started after my internet was down approx one week (last definition file is from 5.1.2010). now teh connection is fixed and other things are going pretty good.

comodo says : failed to update the virus signature database. - Check ur internet connection. try again later.

after 3 days constantly trying its till not workin. ???



Welcome to the forum Bloxter :slight_smile:

What version of CIS have you got installed and what Virus database version.

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ok here it comes:

product version : 3.5.54375.427
Virus signature : 994


Sorry the latest version is 3.13.126709.581 your version is some months out of date, I think 3.8 was realeased in Feb 2009 you should have had a program update notification then.

You will have to uninstall and install the latest version, you can download it from here;msg355806#msg355806



thanks for your help