Comodo internet Sercurity - 3.11---552 Blocking autorun game installment?

I try to run supreme commander and forged alliance and auto-run does not work? COMODO TO BLAME AGAIN?

If you don’t know either maybe providing more informations would be the way to go. ???

Likely not. You more likely have a problem on your PC, or a misconfiguration of Comodo, or denied something you shouldn’t have.

That said, I have seen where comodo will popup a window asking the user to allow something during game installation (different game), and the window would be behind the game installation window so the user would never see it, and this will cause the installation of the game to fail. The only way to prevent this is to disable comodo when installing the game or constantly switch back to the desktop using alt-tab to check for the popup.

I have also seen where comodo thinks part of a game installation is a virus… This is actually often true: many game vendors use rootkit like software in an attempt to prevent piracy, and it is entirely ineffective and only causes those who pay for the game problems because they are still pirated days after their release, but the idiots at companies like Blizzard who make those decisions can’t get it through their thick skulls that they are only hurting their actual customers… It’s actually better for those who purchase the games to go and get the pirated copy to install - it often runs better because of not having the rootkit-like ineffective anti-piracy software slowing down the PC (sorry for the rant).


Just put D+ and the firewall in training mode when you install a game and leave it like that until you do everything you normally do to start playing. Then exit the game and put CIS back to your preferred settings. Everything should be fine after that.

On a side note, the detection feature that Blizzard uses causes NO problems and is far from ineffective. They have caught many cheats and hacks and won lawsuits against the offenders. This not only protects them, it also protects the player base from cheaters and spammers and worse, account hackers. Does it catch everything? Of course not, but nothing does.