Comodo Internet Security

Hi everyone

My Comodo firewall jsut updated adn installed the whole Comodo Internet Security suite.

I would like to know if I should now uninstall my Avast antivirus or keep them running together?
Or to just download Comodo Firewall and uninstall the CIS and install only the firewall to run with Avast?

Im very stupid with software any advice would be appreciated. ???

PS: Im not sure if this is the right place to have added this to the forum?



Hello Bossi, If you want to keep avast! then please disable comodo’s AV. Keep it installed, You can still do on demand scans with it when you request :slight_smile:
hope this helps.

Continuing on what Kyle has correctly said, it is recommended that you keep Comodo Internet Security, since it is much more secure than the old Comodo Firewall. If you want to keep Avast, please disable the Comodo Antivirus real-time scanner in Antivirus settings (under the AntiVirus tab).

Beanie :slight_smile: