Comodo internet security

:a0 This is the very best security that i have ever used EVER. I will use this commodo firewall & Internet Security System, Even if it begins charging for the Program, I have used every Know security system,And i was using Macafee Suite@ the time,And Ad-adware,Registry easy,Spy doctor,and Norton System 09.
I can tell you with out a doubt, YOU GET A BIG THUMBS UP from me!!!

                                                                                     Sincerly the best

Thank you very much Bongson69!

We really appreciate the feedback.

thank you


Yes man, you’re absolutely right. I read a lot of reviews and articles about your “relatively new” product. I just installed it a few weeks ago, and I can tell, this is really the best Internet Security solution available. I used avast! before, but since it is only an antivirus, I changed to Comodo Internet Security (free) mainly because I heard thousands of good things about your award-winning firewall. But I read a lot of negative responses about the antivirus’ detection rates and stuff, and I would like to share my opinion with you. I’m absolutely satisfied with its memory and processor usage. I set everything to the highest security settings, but there are still some viruses that pass the scan unfortunately, so the thing is that the antivirus service could be a bit more powerful (eg. I’m not experienced in these things, but what I liked in avast! the best is that it scans the files during download and closes the connection in case of virus detection.), and I miss manual registry, memory and startup scan; and automatic updates. If these services are already in the software, then it is my fault, please inform me where can I access them. I know criticizing is waaaay easier than improving software, I’m sorry, but this is all I can do.

Finally I have to tell you guys, that you are truly amazing. A million thumbs up to the cool staff. :ilovecomodo:

I like Comodo products but am still miffed about BOClean stepping over to leave its post as a stand alone utility. I’ll get over it in time, I still recommend anything Comodo… at the different forums.


YES to the very meaning of this thread starter :-
COMODO IS is the best security package available. Others are good, but COMODO is better.

Slight irritation.

Every time I log on or come out of hibernation, COMODO updates and takes several minutes. Very efficient and comforting to have this protective backup.

BUT, this updating completely stops all other activity until it is finished. I have to sit there growing older while COMODO plods on making my AV base nice and up-to-date.

I find this embargo on my activity unacceptable and am considering switching to a good alternative firewall plus a good AV system - these extremely trustworthy options are readily available as you all know.

Can anybody tell me why this COMODO black-out on other operations occurs during update ?
The answer to this question will help me to either keep COMODO or delete it.

Many thanks
John Bull

A follow up.

I am just about ■■■■■■ off with COMODO taking several minutes to update every time I log on to Firefox or anything else. I have to wait up to 10 minutes doing nothing but growing older until COMODO finishes it`s update, then I can start work.

This is bloody pathetic and whilst I have had COMODO IS for a long time and treasure it`s security value, I cannot tolerate this disgusting and unnecessary stop on my activity until this system jogs on and updates.

So, reluctantly I will get rid of COMODO IS and install the COMODO Firewall PLUS another AV system that does not kill my activity for half a day each time I log on to Windows.

If any of the COMODO team can come back with an answer to me that resolves this problem, then i would be most grateful, but if not then - COMODO have a nice day.

John Bull

Comodo will always have a special place in my heart. :a0

During the time that I was running the full CIS the Antivirus updates loaded as smooth as silk exactly every 30 minutes and were completed totally unnoticed using my broadband internet connection. These days I just use the Comodo Firewall Pro and Defense+ HIPS plus I run my Opera browser in Sandboxie and so I only need an on demand Malware scanner to check what I download from the Sandbox but it still must be updated several times per day and the A-Squared scanner I now use takes up no less resources to update than the Comodo Antivirus did although I have friends who use very low bandwidth wireless internet connections that have trouble updating the Comodo Antivirus or downloading anything sizable from the internet for that matter in that it takes a very very long time.


It may be the best security system in Alice in Wonderland, but the people in control; of this God`s gift to humanity should pay attention to their stupid dictatorial attitudes to user intelligence and freedom of choice. What the hell do they think they are doing ?

To update this infernal program every few minutes is about as stupid as one can get.
The bloody system updates every few minutes, especially after hibernation and NOTHING can be done for about 15 minutes until the ■■■■■■ thing finishes it`s update. The whole F*****G system locks and I just sit there growing older.

SO COMODO - get stuffed until you come down to Earth and update ONCE per day or by customer request.
I will use Zone Alarm plus AVG and until you sort your brains out that will be IT !
John Bull

If this were indeed a problem with Comodo then the same thing would occur on all computers using Comodo. Since most of us other users have had no such problem with the Comodo Antivirus updating precisely every 30 minutes it would suggest that this problem is computer specific and that the problem is not with Comodo, but rather the individual computers that are having the problem. What make and model of computer are you running, what Operating System is it using and how much bandwidth do you access the internet with when obtaining these updates?


SO COMODO - get stuffed until you come down to Earth and update ONCE per day or by customer request.

Mr. John Bull, judgeing from your newbie with 4 posts status, I’m gonna let this one slide and not insult you as I initially was tempted to and let you on a little secret: CIS CAN ACTUALLY BE SET TO UPDATE ITS VIRUS DEFINITIONS MANUALLY !!!

Google more about CIS or better yet, do a topic and ask here on this forum and stop makin’ a fool of yourself by commenting about something that you obviously don’t know enough !

P.S. Excuse the grammar, english is not my native language.

I agree, you have posted the same post over and over again. 88) Sorry if you’re having trouble (I personally don’t have any problems with updates) but this isn’t the way to get anything solved.

PS (Victor Popescu) - Your English is better than alot of people for whom it IS their native language. :wink:

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Hey John Bull,
I was using CIS for quite some time and then there was a problem with an update. I then used another security suite (Kaspersky) and it went reasonably good for a while then it had a spack attack and I uninstalled it. I now use CIS Beta 4 and I can tell you that for a beta version it runs perfectly on my laptop. The updates are not a problem and detection rates are extremely good, as a matter of fact CIS is second to none. So before you go flying of the handle at Comodo why don’t you just try asking questions in a nice manner. It costs absolutely nothing to be nice and you get far better and very helpful responses. When I have had a problem there were in most cases quite a number of answers, some of which worked and some didn’t but there are very helpful people ready to tell of their knowledge and experiences. I personally think you owe an apology to everyone for the way you carried on, it really isnt necessary or called for.

I had Kaspersky before this, It was too heavy on my laptops resources, so I put Comodo back on after my troubles with 3.8 and there all gone and it really light. It’s better than Kaspersky in my opinion…

And it’s just getting better :slight_smile: