Comodo Internet Security

I have just downloaded Comodo Internet Security but cannot see anything in my emails to see if they are being monitored by antivirus, is this working in the background or do I need to set it up manually?

Hi pinto welcome to the forums!

CIS does it automatically… Every single activity on the Hard drive & memory is monitored on-access.


you mean email scanner? CIS doesn’t have one. :stuck_out_tongue: but it’s got its realtime protection, that’s all you need :a0

Thnx Guys,
I was wondering about it as I tried Comodo Antivirus Beta & it showed a message at the bottom of the emails, you know, no virus incoming message, no virus outgoing message. Just makes people feel safer if they see that in an email they receive. Wasn’t sure if this version scans emails, just want to be safe.

yeah, that’s CAVS 2 email scanner.
nope, this one (CIS) doesn’t have one …yet :stuck_out_tongue: it will be added in the future release :slight_smile: