Comodo Internet Security

Why you don`t make one Comodo All in One Security pack:
Antivirus+Firewall or
Antivirus+Firewall+Antispam or
Antivirus+Antispyware+Firewall+Antispam LOL
It will be the greatest security product ever but free (:CLP)

Hi, while I am not of the Comodo team, if you read through, it seems many don’t want this integration of products and feel they work better independently. While there may be other opinions, this is just one reason I see and perhaps others can give you a take as well.



Internet Security products are very convenient, but often a major compromise. You will usually get one really good application (like a good firewall or a good antivirus, but a not so good antispyware application). face it, nobody can be good at developing every type of security program.

I consider Security programs like stereo components, to get the best you must mix and match components. The following vendors make world class products in my opinion:

Antivirus: NOD32, Kaspersky, Bit Defender

Antispyware: Webroot SpySweeper and Spyware Doctor

Firewall: Comodo and Outpost Pro

HIPS: Not sure, but I like Online Armor

I would much rather mix and match from the above programs than runa suite that wouldn’t be as good.

I would be really upset if this happened :stuck_out_tongue:
Launchpad is a seperate application for a very good reason.


[2 cents worth]
What if a vulnerability in one minor module of a security suite exposed the remainder of the suite to manipulation?
[/2 cents worth]


Ewen :slight_smile:

It`s Gooood!


Comodo Security Suite

.:: protect. in all sides. ::.

In users perceptions, “suite” is the new “fat”.

this sounds like a deal to me too dude… never mind what others think about it…

I used ZA suite for a long time until I found this product, I’m trying out the firewall now, but the AV 1.1 (beta) seems to have a problem with the license reg thing. I’m still trying the FW out, but have added another free AV for the time until a new version of the AV comes out

Suites where originally very Dependant on each other’s components (Bad programming technique), Symantec (You couldn’t install sections of the suite in ~2003 version, hence they were all inter-linked) and maybe mcafee were guilty of this. (Symantec have re-written allot of code and i suspect that the inter-connectivity is not their as much any more)

If a hacker is to make an exploit for Symantec Firewall, their is a very high chance that the computer is using symantec AV. So they then make a virus component of the hack that is tested against Symantec’s AV and disables the AV.

If the person is using only the firewall and another AV the attack will be in-effective.

Given the stereotype that use Symantec products the % that are using a third-party AV is unlikely (Maybe 5%).

I would vote for internet security.


I think it would be a good idea to have the ability to choose which components to install. For example the download would be the whole package but upon install the user would be given the choice to install one, many or all of the features.

For example a user could just install the firewall part, or the firewall and antivirus, firewall and antispyware, or all three or more. That way a user could go the the control panel and have the options to “install, modify, remove”.

Many software have this ability right now. That way user won’t have to download everything seperately, it would be one download file with pre-install and post-install options.

I dont think Suite is a good idea. Let each software company be specialists in its own domain, and then we can hand pick the best of each to really fortify our PCs.

I will thus suggest

AV : Nod32 or Kaspersky or BitDefender

Firewall : Comodo or ZA Pro

Spyware : Webroot Antispyware

I think this is a very good idea and a way to satisfy the people who are for and against the idea. Nobody has to install the whole package. You can choose if you want to install the whole package or just the firewall or antivirus, …

Or maybe you could do like Symantec or Mcafee. Develop an internet security suite and at the same time keep the firewall and the antivirus available as seperate downloads and installers. That way, everybody is happy I guess.

Just an idea

I agree.
Of course, still do what you do now and leave the users the option of only installing one, but an optional-compent all-in-one Comodo suite would be perfect.

I couldn’t agree more. I guess that way, everybody is happy.

I would vote for having an integrated solution (Comodo Internet Security, CIS), where you basically have Firewall + Antivirus + antispam.

Then if you wish you can Download separately Firewall or antivirus or other products, but an integrated solution would be nice because you don’t have to install 3 programs that should work all together.
This would also reduce the amount of icons in the taskbar, having only ONE wich includes all the installed features…

This is, imo, a good thing because it is very “pratic” for the common user

Best Idea yet!!!

Why don’t you guys from Comodo have a voting or something?

I think we did (or not officially) and the majority voted No. Just can’t seem to find that thread…Any registered forum member can start a poll.

I’ll start a poll for public interest ;):,6935.0.html

Instead of everybody getting so upset about a suite how about offering a suite along with seperate products? The suite can have the option of selecting what components are installed and would configure itself accordingly. Then everybody can stay happy.