Comodo internet security won't update

I am using comodo internet security, but recently it stopped updating. When I try to it sais, “Failed to update the signature database. Please check your internet connection”. I have an internet connection, so that is not the problem. Due to this my defence against codes (I think) is down and won’t work. I have Windows Vista and have tried to unactivate the firewall, but that didn’t work either.

Anyone who can help?

Start with updating to the latest version if you are not using that. Versions 3.12 and prior cannot use the program updater; you will have to do a clean install.

Get the latest version in COMODO Internet Security 3.14.130099.587 released.

When using version 3.10 or up you can export/import your configuration from the old to the new version. To do so go to Miscellaneous → Manage My Configurations. Make sure to save the configuration in a folder that is not in the CIS installation folders so it won’t be deleted when uninstalling.