COMODO Internet Security + Windows Vista Business X64 + Aero = menu is corrupted

I try to install COMODO Internet Security X64 on Windows Vista Business X64 but after installation there are some problems; menu is corrupted (see screenshot) and finally but not less important there is a high power consummation (battery usages decrease from 3:20 hours to 1:50 hour). I try to uninstall COMODO and all works, I try to re-install COMODO and problem occurs, I try to update Windows and COMODO but nothing… this problem occurs with and without Visual Style patch…
Thanks for help!

Sorry for my English…

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Hello Opensw,

Please check the FAQ for the removal of the context-menu scanning issue.

This bug is know and will be fixed in a future version.

For the power issue can you please post a bug report with all requested information here:


Thanks! :BNC