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This morning I downloaded & installed what I thought was the ‘free’ version of the internet security software. It’s not the free version at all…it’s the premium version which requires a license key, which I don’t have and don’t wish to have to pay for. I was using mcafee software, but it was such a resource hog that I got rid of it. Now I don’t know what to do.
David ???

Edit: I should have looked a little harder…I found this:" Comodo Internet Security Premium is activated free of cost for lifetime usage. If you wish to sign up for news about Comodo products then enter your email address in the space provided. This is optional. "

Comodo Internet Security Premium is the free version and you can find the (as of this post) latest version here:

I just tried installing this software on my computer that’s running windows 10 technical preview (build # 9926), I wasn’t able to install it…I received a prompt that said the software wasn’t compatible with the platform. Has anyone else tried to install the software using windows 10 technical preview ? I sure was disappointed that it wouldn’t install correctly.
David :cry:

Hi Davy49,

There is a small topic here;msg794661#msg794661 that is about Windows 10 Technical Preview and CIS.

Some of us have found the same issue of CIS not installing, but Sanya IV Litvyak has a small work around to get it installed and megaherz33 has found that the CIS Version 7 installer works.

Remember Windows 10 is a Technical Preview, there are bound to be some program incompatibilities - some other security / anti-virus programs are showing the same installation errors.

I’ve got it installed on windows 10 TP 9926 but I also got the issue with the refusal to install, however you can extract the CIS installer… From the CIS installer… With an archiver, that setup file should allow you to install CIS however do be aware that I had some issues and had to reinstall 3 times before it installed correctly.

Essentially just download the CIS installer and then open it using an archiver like 7zip or similar, then follow the largest size folders and you should find 32bit and 64bit installers for CIS.

(Wrote this before seeing Dolphins reply but didn’t feel like tossing it out…)

Hi All,
Thanks for all of the information about this issue…just to keep you updated, I was having too many issue’s with windows 10 technical preview (Build #9926), so I uninstalled it and went back to windows 8.1 pro w/media center edition. To be honest…I hated to uninstall the ms windows 10 tech. preview, as I’m a computer geek at heart…love testing new product’s, etc., but just couldn’t handle dealing with it at the present time. So right now I’m just using the security product’s that are built into windows (windows defender & windows firewall). I have COMODO Internet Security 8 running on a different computer that’s running ms windows 7 pro. editition, it seems to perform great.
David :wink:

Just out of curiosity, what exactly was it about windows 10 that you didn’t like / didn’t work correctly?

Personally haven’t had much issues with it myself.

Hi Sanya IV Litvyak,
In reference to why I went back to windows 8.1, internet explorer never would work properly while using the tech. preview…however, firefox seemed to work correctly. My wireless internet connection kept dropping…using windows 8.1 it hasn’t happened. At least for now…I just feel more comfortable using 8.1 again. So I take it you are using COMODO internet security ?
David :wink:

Ah I see.

I use COMODO Firewall on Windows 10 TP 9926 yes.