Comodo Internet Security v10.2.0.6526 - Hotfix - Released

Hi All,
We are happy to announce release of Comodo Internet Security v10.2.0.6526.
Thank you for all the feedback in previous RC versions.

Below are the setup details:

Online Setup Details:
Comodo Internet Security
Size: 5.28 MB (5,546,648 bytes)
MD5: 0e111c2dce99655559fe51ab3bc5ba32
SHA1: bfded3d630df2cec42f8a849dc2ed6ad1eef7c3d

Comodo Antivirus
Size: 5.28 MB (5,546,648 bytes)
MD5: 842e8b1a999edba610a6ced5adba1789
SHA1: 54b8e05eb59955dfbd6682c8c8040f8b63cc2464

Comodo Firewall
Size: 5.28 MB (5,546,648 bytes)
MD5: 176f4cd06b435ab9f600cb2d171d5d9b
SHA1: e572e708ddd5e5cfb800b7d94259e4f66bc74106

Offline Setup Details:
Comodo Internet Security Premium (Firewall and Antivirus only)
Size: 72.7 MB (76,287,952 bytes)
MD5: 1d290bd84bef39bd975e71dbd529d30e
SHA1: 19354fe44aabcaf964cdadac303580302f7c7106

At this point we have made release only for new installations and is updated with latest setups. In case you want to update from older version, you can use test server IP as shown in enclosed HostSettings_for_Update.png and run updater from main interface. We will be releasing updates to older versions early next week.

This is a hot-fix release with following changes:

  1. We had a regression in v6514 with certificate scan as reported here. Now Rating Scan should be detecting untrusted certificates.
  2. In case you are updating Operating System from non-Windows10 Operating System to Windows10 OS, CIS will auto update drivers to Windows 10 compatible drivers without requiring user’s intervention. Same will be done by updated Comodo Secure Shopping v1.3.442656.138.
  3. Updated Comodo Secure Shopping v1.3.442656.138 is compliant with HVCI feature, which is disabled by default in Windows RS4.

Please share your valuable feedback.


Sorry, I’m a little bit confused. I have v6476 installed. I was waiting the program to receive v6514, but now another version is available and Comodo says my program is updated.

When I asked 2 weeks ago about it, someone of Comodo staff said the updater will be available soon.

Why v6514 wasn’t available to be updated by the program? Are you going to send updates through the program or do I need to download and install it manually? Thanks.

Hi johnrambobt,
We will be releasing updates to all older versions by 20th Mar, 2018.


Does this release allow you to play videos on Facebook while in a sandboxed browser?

Working very well for me. Thanks for the prompt work to fix the auto re-enabling bug (for protection switched off for a period of 15,30, 60 mins).

I did a clean install of Windows 7 SP1 x64 starting with 6524 and updated to 6526 using the program updater. Virtual Desktop is not working. It hangs at the splash screen with the circling animation saying Virtual Deksktop is Loading… The rest of the basics are working.

will check. thanks.

Ok, thanks. I will wait for the updates! :slight_smile:

Did fresh install on Windows 10. ISE doesn’t install on my PC as I’ve previously uninstalled it but ISE was slowing down my internet anyway.

One point of note Dragon installed and tries to update from 58.0.3029.115 but I get the message “Downloaded file not properly signed” “Retry” when I try to update it. I don’t use dragon as my main browser but something to look into.

EDIT: Manual download and upgrade dragon to version 63 works fine.

Otherwise, no issue so far.


Used test server IP to try auto update. The update stop at ~98%. I canceled the update and restarted comodo. CFW seems updated to 6526 but Secure Shopping not working anymore.
I need to manually uninstall Secure Shopping and download the CIS installer to perform update once again manually to make Secure Shopping working again. Don’t know if this was just a special case on my PC.

I’m only using CFW+Secure Shopping with WIN10 X64 v1703.

hi hkjoj,
Could you please repeat same update process and take snapshot of update window when you thought it was stuck?

We have a known issue where Secure Shopping update at times could take a while to update but finally does update.
We are working on a fix for that.

It seems you terminated update process while comodo secure shopping was in progress of updating.


I did a clean install of Windows 10 1704 (16299.309) and Virtual Desktop and other basics are working. I will upgrade to Insider build 17123 (RS4) somewhere in the upcoming days and will let you know if CIS survived the upgrade.

Its been over 24 hours since I set to beta IP for auto upgrade. Hasn’t happened yet.

Spoke to soon or someone manually pushed it to me. :smiley: :wink:

It just happened now. :slight_smile:

When will the update get pushed to other users?

Sorry, can’t repeat the same update process as already updated manually with an installer.
Tried a system restore to go back to previous version without success.

See quote of OP

Hi guys,
what version of regnizer cryptolocker has the viruscopei this realese? I noticed (using the beta server) that it was different from v1.11.0.135

I think umesh forgot to announce the new recognizer for CIS like the one that was released for CCAV. You should have version

We have yet not completed qa on CIS side.
Hope to be completed by Monday.