Comodo Internet Security v10.2.0.6504 - BETA

Will check, anyone else seeing same pattern?
i.e. had some entries in Unblock Programs and after update all are gone?

Works so far perfectly.

All is working fine except the fact the reputation files list was emptied as well. It seems the program did a clean install on my system. But I can live with it. :slight_smile:

Spoke to soon! The Traffic display bug seems to be intermittent. Back this morning after startup and I still can’t get the 2 Recognizers

Clean install coming I guess

at umesh

cmdagent.exe can not start.
CisDiagReport created.
Password by PM.


Clean install after uninstall through Control Panel. Same intermittent Traffic bug and still couldn’t get both Recognizers

Another Clean Install after using the Comodo Uninstall tool, delete the remaining folders and both Recognizers now show correctly

Traffic bug still remains however. It doesn’t show on the initial install, but after the reboot it does

(I like that Comodo Uninstall tool; used it many times - very nice indeed)

Yes, it’s being investigated, we have been able to produce as well although not consistently.


at umesh

Dump files.
Passwort by PM.


Got it. Many thanks.

Will the issue with videos not playing while in a sandboxed browser be fixed?

Has there been a bug report about the issue?

Here you go, noticed Youtube has issues playing as well.

Looks like facebook serves the flash version of the video as it requests flash permission when in containment, youtube plays fine even without flash being installed.

Well, Youtube seems to be working now heh, but still having issues with Facebook and it’s videos. Just loads for a second and nothing.

CIS dont want to start today i run diagnostic and say cant repair… so this is the report… later when i restart again CIS start normaly and update.

I use firewall v10.2.0.6504 - BETA and Dr.Web Security Space 11.0. In the list of the trusted vendors there is no Doctor Web Ltd.

Please see enclosed, there is “Doctor Web Ltd.”.
Which name are you looking?

Hi pasch,
If you are able to produce this error again, we would like you to go to Task Manager and upon right click select “Create dump file” on each of running CIS processes and share dumps.


I recovered name “Doctor Web Ltd.” of the trusted vendors manually from the file.
This name disappeared after reset of Windows, after updating from v10.1.0.6476 on v10.2.0.6504.