Comodo Internet Security v10.1.0.6464 - BETA

If you can still see the file icon in the path column then file still exists at that location.

Try installing the beta using the offline installer then run program updates.

It worked just as you said :slight_smile: Many thanks

Why? Does the online installer access a different server to the update, or ignore some installation function? I tried everything before that and nothing worked!

At least I got to test out the new uninstaller and am quite impressed with it after all that. Sure put my test system through a lot!

Sounds like a bug with the online installer.

At least I got to test out the new uninstaller and am quite impressed with it after all that. Sure put my test system through a lot!
We're very happy with the new uninstaller tool. Kudos for your tenacity testing. :-TU

I use this method too. With one of the previous builds you had to make the beta server the first server. I don’t know if that still applies but it is a good thing to keep in mind when playing with beta builds.

An update:

One of my issues (the dllhost crash) seems not to be (directly related to Comodo Firewall. After uninstalling Malwarebytes all seem ok.

The Sound service disabled seems to be happening to 1 out of 5 (or something) reboots.

An other event FAILED (and ignored as it says) notice i see now:


EventProvider CisWmi

Query SELECT * FROM CisEvent

Class CisEvent

Namespace //./root/cis

And other similar to those. Are those Comodo (CIS) related ? And if yes, what are they ?

I installed this build on Win 10 Insider 17063, Win 8.1 and Win 7 SP1 and it is working without a glitch on all three platforms.

At Pixo1. I don’t see these events in Event Viewer. I don’t know if they are related to CIS but it looks like they may.

That is understandable , but 6420 allowed to clean out all files in the “blocked Applications” list aswell as the one before that. Now it does not clean out all anymore.

Can you explain how it doesn’t work the way it used to for you? Because it does remove all items if you check the top check box and choose remove.

The same trouble… and some items shown twice: blocked before update and after update.

All the upcoming 2018 year! Health and all the best! :-TU

Items that are blocked in firewall does not want to remove from this list. Has done so in the past

Comodo Beta in W10 Pro 1709 64 bits.
Please see attached file.
Are those context menu entries normal?
What are they?

Yes they’re normal . . . Beta version; when the full version is released, they don’t appear.

Ok Thanks

Waiting for the final :-TU

It looks like there may be another build on its way:

Will there be another beta today?

We will have an RC out today.

Excellent :-TU

Came RC

Yes, it’s out as v6474 RC: