Comodo Internet Security v10.0.1.6294 (Hotfix) Released

CIS 10 latest, Firewall doesnot seem to be working after upgrading to latest Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Fall update (16291) though no complains from CIS.

Hi Reddy shyam,

Please do a reboot and check again. If you still had issue, please let us know.

Kind Regards,

Windows 10 Pro 32 bit 16291 :-TU

Thanks PremJK and megaherz33. Reboot seems to have fixed it. :-TU

cmdagent.exe is connecting every 5 min exactly to port 433 , this happens non stop, this has been happening non stop for many previous versions also. I ended up blocking cmdagent.exe, any fix for this? my updates work, i turned off everything in comodo i could find , still connects every 5 minutes to comodo no matter what i do. ?

It’s for checking updates to the trusted vendors list.

It should not happen every 5min!

I cant figure it out, been looking for a solution for a while,
I thought perhaps its not connecting properly and trying again every 5 min or something? but updates work fine ?
I don’t think its normal behavior to check every 5 minutes non stop 24/7.

What would happen if i deleted my trusted vendor list? would it download again? any way to turn that feature off?

It should only be reset to default after a program update from one build to another e.g. 6294 → 6299 and even then I think only if you upgrade using the standalone installer, if you update using the internal program updater your settings and changes to tvl should remain. But it won’t re-add the missing vendors during the periodic update check.

Hi, kosko.

The issue is known and it is under investigation. It will be fixed as soon as possible.

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Windows 10 Pro 32 bit 16294.1 :-TU

Waiting for the update of the CIS version

Thank you…

Windows 10 Insiders just updated to 16296 (already displaying 1709), it is very near RTM.
Just giving the Devs’ a heads up.

Windows 10 Pro 32 bit 16296 :-TU

!ot! You guys are lucky. My Insider installations keep on failing to successfully update.

Yes ;D

When the new version promised in September will be released CIS?

Unknown programs run quietly through the Windows Scheduler, upon reboot.
Sandbox and HIPS, skip, although the file is in the unidentified.

Comrade I wrote, can you check it?

Take an unidentified file, create a simple task to start when you are logged into Windows, enable properties in the properties with the highest permissions, and reboot.

It’s a known feature (issue?), HIPS doesn’t work until GUI is loaded.