Comodo Internet Security v10.0.1.6246 - Hotfix Released

Hi All,
Thank you all who helped in Beta testing v6243.
We are pleased to announce Comodo Internet Security v10.0.1.6246 - Hotfix with following fixes:

1)There are significant improvements in file copying speed over network.

2)Support of AutoIT interpreter in heuristic command line analysis


3)Issue reported earlier with Comodo Firewall freezes Windows 10 to a halt… during file transfer over network.

4)CIS GUI corruption on systems with dual-graphics as reported here.

5)Improved compatibility with Windows XP

6)Unable to use Comodo dragon for Secure shopping

7)There were errors of nature 'Error in checking url, hr = 0x8007139f" in Windows Events, reported here.

8)Going forward online installer will always install latest CIS version.

9)‘Lycia’ was theme by default after binary update with ‘Classic’, ‘Modern’ and ‘Arcadia’

Online Setup Details:

Comodo Internet Security Premium
Size: 5.2M ( 5365336 )
MD5: 8386798cc69b46f7762cf170d051cb45
SHA1: 93b586d1d25a0c436aff434add00811c0e8081d5

Comodo Antivirus
Size: 5.2M ( 5365328 )
MD5: 5fd9d8ef3b1983e02ed5f24bb0dd74e1
SHA1: 55c6eb1ff19f2c2696b6aa5be0d7d8b806b2c434

Comodo Firewall
Size: 5.2M ( 5365328 )
MD5: 203ba554047a5c4b734f2932c4ba4104
SHA1: fdba2811e89bb2bbe10f68c889be0f522effc680

Comodo Internet Security Premium Offline Installer:

Size: 70.9 MB (74,412,720 bytes)
MD5: CB2CEB08CD5C6227E367A29BAD79B114
SHA1: 26DA8DA5E053ECE931D6F0930D84DFE026DC299F

We will be issues updates to users with older versions in next days.

Thank you very much for all your help and support.


Great :-TU

thanks for the update @umesh…I just checked for updates , but the updater told me that there where no new program updates available :frowning:

:-TU :-TU :-TU

Hi barry1976,
We will issue updates in next days after some more feedback.


Is there an offline installer for the firewall, also has ISEssentals been removed from the installer, I believe it was said that it would be removed in the next version.

are the latest virusscope recognizers available in the regular servers?

@I’m_Special there seems to be a bug where if ISE was uninstalled, it will not reinstall if you use the CIS installer, but it still installs if you use the standalone ISE installer which is now available.

I just got the program update 10 minutes ago :slight_smile: update went smooth :-TU 8)

I just installed the new hotfix update over the old version and the recognizers aren’t updating.i can’t get the new Recognizer v1.6.1 now.I got it with the old version of CIS 10 when it was released,but I can’t get it with this new version of CIS 10.

are the latest virusscope recognizers available in the regular servers?

They are expected to be.
Checking further.

This suite is still useless for Windows 10.
Running build 16215, tested this new CIS build, my screen blanked completely, except for CIS showing.
All windows OS blanked. Although Killswitch says everything is running. Just not displaying anything. Blank as in black screen, mouse was the only thing showing, outside of CIS.
Am forced to do another clean install, sadly.
The Comodo development team need to fix this asap, or should I have another discussion with Melih?
Umesh, you cannot be doing this to Windows 10 users.
Insiders builds are for testing the next release. If your software breaks that release, it is useless, and worthless!
I cannot stress this enough!
This will be another 6 months without any 3rd party security installed.

Thanks. For some reason Comodo reported that it downloaded the recognizers but I don’t see the cryptolocker recognizers in the VirusScope recognizers list. A system restart did not change anything. I will try again later.

@John Buchanan Comodo, along with most other security vendors, do not support preview builds. This is because preview builds may undergo significant changes, and with additional changes to the OS, there is often the need to constantly revise things to support it, which is difficult because Comodo has components which integrate deeply into Windows, and even seemingly small changes here and there may break things completely, or result in a protection deficit. Due to the fact that these preview builds are not intended for the public and only intended for polishing and bug fixing, there is little incentive in adding support for a preview build and constantly having to adapt to builds that aren’t even intended for mass usage. I personally would rather Comodo just add support when the final version is released to manufacturing, and work on improving the product instead of wasting time changing things for a non-final OS build.

When a security product adds support for a new version, they typically make sure protection and reliability on that version of the OS is consistent with previous versions of the OS. It’s more than just fixing the visible errors, for quality products at least.

However, I do see the advantage of adding support to preview builds in that it makes the product better prepared for the final build. Comodo did struggle to bring support to the Creator’s update on time, although many other products also struggled as well. But this is also an issue on Microsoft’s end, in that they could be more orderly in releasing the final version earlier for developers. Again, I would prefer that Comodo not support preview builds, but Comodo adding a basic level of support to preview builds while reserving full support to the final version is alright as well.

no problems here and in 12 computers running latest cis (checked about 2 minutes ago).

can you provide an report so we can try to help figuring it out?

he is running a preview version of Windows, which Comodo does not support.

Hi John Buchanan,
We will be checking it out.

This build seems to be out on 8th Jun, 2017.

We are working on QA plans to be able to smoke test every preview release as soon as it comes out.
We do test preview builds in general but needs to make further improvements.


oh, i see… sorry guys. didnt notice he was at preview build…


The update likely happened overnight for me, but in the morning I found an “Internet Security Essentials installer error” had happened. Should I be concerned?

after update to the latest version , all of my settings where gone…this is really frustrating beyond believe. is this going to happen each and everytime when a major program update is comming around? :o >:( :-\

i only want the firewall. now suddenly comodo is checking web certificates and tells me google, this site and many many other websites are a danger.

the settings button in the warning dialog is not working.

i don´t what all this ■■■■!!!
all i want is a firewall that does it´s job.

i don´t want web protection enabled by default etc.

and i sure don´t want a program enable such stuff after an update without asking me.

a few days ago i had only comodo firewall in “programs and features” … today i have a comodo internet security entry too.

that is a sure way to ■■■■ of users… i tell you that.
i decide what is installed on my system!