Comodo Internet Security v10.0.1.6223 Released

Hi All,
We are releasing v6223, which is mainly focused to fix recently reported bugs out of last major release v6209.

1 - Comodo Security Agent could not be started
2 - Comodo Application shortcuts could not be deleted, renamed or moved.
3 - IP4 and IP6 entry names could be distorted.
4 - Some of Windows XP PCs could not download updates.
5 - Cygwin fails at post-install scripts and apps like Dash, Bash become unresponsive / consume abnormal CPU usage.
6 - In Containment settings, checkbox ‘Do not show privilege elevation alert’ was selected after clean install, it should have been de-selected by default.
7 - Some users reported that Windows firewall was disabled even though they installed Comodo Antivirus rather Comodo Firewall
8 - File Lookup Service(FLS) could fail in some cases.
9 - Trusted vendor list could see reduced list of entries for CIS versions older than v10 in last major update.

“Pseudo File Downloaders” file group has been updated with additional entries for: *\cmd.exe | *.bat | *.cmd for enhanced security. This file group is referenced in 3rd “Run Virtually” rule set.

Setup details:
Comodo Internet Security
Size: 5.2M ( 5364368 )
MD5: f70f6d94fc4f53ce8450fa453be2b739
SHA1: 09a10c764d04a9bc65ca733ef86fe366a6a589fa

Comodo Antivirus
Size: 5.2M ( 5364368 )
MD5: eea61f54133a589647b37bf07dab2ac1
SHA1: 1f06634234549784d594c874a5d3f8a2c54e1cbe

Comodo Firewall
Size: 5.2M ( 5364368 )
MD5: 4b25adef095f8787b9c7cdd4e2febd37
SHA1: 5cbfce24c13fb947945f621c50733cc6dfeaef4c

Offline Installer for CIS Premium:
This is for users, who may not want to use online installer:

Size: 64.8 MB (68,028,344 bytes)
MD5: 547973c0e6cd3f12cbd34b303877aa57
SHA1: 0db0a5125995e4786c762238b83406c4fb953f35

[Note: above offline installer has Antivirus with Comodo Firewall as optional component and does not come with Secure Shopping, GeekBuddy and Comodo Dragon browser. You will need to install them separately]

Anyone who is running pre-view build, we suggest to uninstall that and install this latest version.

All existing CIS users will receive program updates.

Thank you for all the patience and feedback.


<<Edited:4/45: Offline installer size & hashes>>>

Thank you, umesh! :-TU

Nice :), I hope this time it will work like a charm.

Thanks! :-TU

Please make a offline installer for Comodo Firewall, I don’t need the Anti-Virus, also why is that Essentials program still being installed with no option to uncheck it?

I cannot submit files via internal submitter in previous CIS ? Is this the fix for this problem?

Thanks for the fixes and clear changelog :-TU

Hi Im_Special,
Following in our wish list, we will try in next CIS major release:

Please make a offline installer for Comodo Firewall
I don't need the Anti-Virus, also why is that Essentials program still being installed with no option to uncheck it?
We will be moving towards making it part of Components you can select in next releases.


Hi yigido,

I cannot submit files via internal submitter in previous CIS ? Is this the fix for this problem?
There were server side changes needed and they have been made. Please report if you find any problem with submissions now.


excellent work. fifty points for Gryffindor :-TU

thanks for the update comodo at first I did a reputation scan to make sure all of my programs where trusted. then I noticed all of the definitions updates failed. so I dissable dnscrypt. still did not solve the problem , secondly I disable my VPN ( Tiger ) and now I could update. after this I re enabled my VPN and tried again to update , this time it worked with my VPN turned on. strange problem , or is this normal behaviour for cis? thanks.

before or after system restart? did you verify if your network connection was functional? it’s usually disconnected/interrupted when firewall inspect driver is installed.

I did not restart yet , will do in sec tried it again for the second time now and the update process did do fine now. lets hope this will stay this way when I restart :slight_smile:

looks normal to me. no worries. not limited to CIS.


Thank you Comodo for v10.0.1.6223. Great work. :-TU

Best regards.

everything seems to be all right with this release, good work comodo team.

Well sorry to be the party pooper, but I’m still having issues with this build. It still messes up / drastically slows down my windows login, still gives me the Windows Notification Center error, still forcefully reverts my Aero into Basic mode…All this on a Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit machine. The “can’t start CIS” thing is fixed, but all the rest is still messed up for me. Tried the built-in updater, tried a clean install, everything I do, nothing works.

Fortunely I still have an 8.4 installer around here that I can go back to. I feel more and more discouraged to update this thing to 10.

Hi Sin_eater,
Thanks for feedback.

It still messes up / drastically slows down my windows login
Any rough idea as how slow in seconds?
still gives me the Windows Notification Center error
Any error snapshot you can share?

May you please share diagnostics report as explained here ?.


Everything works flawlessly here!

Good work!!!

Thanks a lot!

3rd time upgrading from an older version. All fine! Keep up the good work!

Just had a glitch with one of my laptops. The update stuck running virtkiosk. Left it for a long time then forced a reboot. After restarting told it to check updates and it found database update which went slightly funny, got to 95% then Windows said Comod had stopped working but I then noticed that the update was at under 90%. That task completed and when it went to look for program updates it came back as up to date.