Comodo Internet Security v10.0.1.6209 Released

“content filtering” can block advertisement too. Maybe CIS can block advertisements ??

Hi futuretech,
It takes ~10min after we fix, so good to see it reflected fast.

Regarding not being able to continue even after using “disregard this warning and continue” button, may you please try some of other blocked sites. It must work in general unless next re-directed address are also blocked.

I will also share some sites via PM


Making an online installation of a security suite seems to be a particularly stupid idea. :-
During the download and setup, the system is vulnerable to all intrusions. And with a low brandwith this vulnerability can last a (very) long time…

So I’d be VERY happy if you could release an offline installer for Comodo Firewall.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, we are aware of this and will be addressed in next CIS release.


We understand the concern, but having full installer create different kind of problems as we have experienced.

i.e. we keep getting installations from very old setups as they are all over Internet; which may have vulnerabilities.

So from the security point, when a user installs a software and if he gets latest, he is best protected.


the installer seems to use http instead of https which makes it more vulnerable

: ) thank you for pointing out.
Changed to https.

I’d like to know whether the online installer uses https or not

And we, as professional users are aware of your concerns, but let us choose what we want to do with our computers and how we handle our property. If people with less experience want to use the online installer, great. If people like me do not want to, because in my case I have to update over 20 computers in my family, is also great. So please, provide the offline installers as you did for the last 10 years. The exe files are already on your servers. Just provide the link to them.

Thank you and regards.

We are looking into this.


Firewall is on by default since Windows XP SP1 (if I’m not wrong). You don’t get malwares and such even without an AV/HIPS/etc since your doors are closed. All you have to do during the download of CIS is not opening everything you found on the dark side of Internet.

Even if you download a software from its official website,you may still get a malicious one since all your data is transparent during transferring and others can modify the data easily if you use http

All downloads during installation and update are over https.

This issue have been solved.

Not on my computers. Even in the very last Windows 10 (Creators Update installed today) I completely deactivated Defender… >:-D

Ok, guys…as far as I undestood this is a very important release, with a critical sandbox fix…so please tell me that I don’t have to:

  1. downolad the installer;
  2. uninstall current CIS version on my pc;
  3. install the new one from scratch…

cause I’m still waiting the “Secure Shopping Hotfix version” automatic update … 88)

You can use either the internal program updater via update task in CIS or when you run the online installer it should detect the current version and ask if you want to upgrade.


Thank you for the release.

I would also appreciate an offline installer because I usually don’t connect to the internet immediately after I install Windows -
not unless I install my software, including COMODO.

And there are many situations and examples I can give that can become easier to the end user if he/she has the offline

Does it impose a great difficulty to also provide a link to the full install kit? The files must be there on one of your servers.
Perhaps you want to reduce the fragmentation of older versions… I don’t know… But still, giving a choice to the user
(as you did until now) was surely appreciated.

If a user wants to update, he/she updates the software. If not, he/she does not update the software. And by issuing a prompt to
upgrade, the user can simply choose not to for that moment… So fragmentation can still exist.

The internal program udater says that there’s no new version available…my version in
I’ll try with the online installer and let you know…

Anyone else running CIS with Windows 10 Creator’s update and experiencing a very slow Virtual Kiosk?