Comodo Internet Security v10.0.1.6209 Released

Hi All,
We are happy to announce release of CIS v10.0.1.6209. This release is on top of last released version v6092, where in addition to other changes we introduced Secure Shopping feature.

Comodo Internet Security
Size: 5.2M ( 5363688 )
MD5: b4e7bcb144da19cdcda3868050666f60
SHA1: ced207d49b3e0f4e07e406e25c965f819ca7fbb9

Comodo Antivirus
Size: 5.2M ( 5363680 )
MD5: 8f1815fdb5cf3719344d39270145cef2
SHA1: c90f90438dfef39de0ba25e0589f4e8d55d1a30f

Comodo Firewall
Size: 5.2M ( 5363680 )
MD5: e8b7541b4ef233bdf6154e2f872d2e46
SHA1: ea7fc1179e1ef5fe17478a94bd6caad65af61b38

Offline Installer:
Based on very heavy demand of offline installer, we are exposing following web page, via which you can download CIS Premium Offline installer:

Size: 70.6 MB (74,104,832 bytes)
MD-5: 974f826b1ed31006d8cc7743a6b8ede7
SHA-1: 163cd050dfa5456abfe95e24f10796a7624afbef

Note: It offers Comodo Firewall and Comodo Antivirus alone. You can always install Secure Shopping from inside “Tasks->General Tasks” section.

All existing CIS versions should receive program updates.


  • We now have a new tab “Advanced Protection” under “Advanced Settings” where:
    a - “Virus Scope” and “Secure Shopping”: These used to be separate tabs are now part of this “Advanced Protection” section.
    b - “Miscellaneous”: From HIPS Settings, we have moved 4 settings and made part of this section. “Heuristic Command Line Analysis” and “Embedded Code Detection” are integrated under one interface as “Do Heurristic Command Line Analysis”. So embedded code detection is expanded in that interface and connected with related parsers. Also we have moved “shell code injection detection” and “browser configuration modification” settings under this section.

  • Comodo Secure DNS is back in installation offering now


  • You will see word “Sandbox” is now replaced with word “Containment” across whole GUI as that is easier to understand by layman while Sandbox has been more technical.

Support of Python interpreter in heuristic command line analysis


  • All GUI issues experienced with upcoming Windows 10 RedStone-2 / Creators Update are fixed in this release.

Main focus of CIS v10 has been to make it more stable and bug free and as part of that aim, hundreds of bugs are fixed, below are few particular fixes:

  • BSOD after launched Opera in Sandbox
  • Critical bypasses of Sanbdox
  • Keyboard can be intercepted in Virtual Desktop
  • Several apps crash caused by guard32/64.dll
  • PowerShell scripts are not sandboxed
  • Missed fileless malware cases

We are working on next features on CIS, mainly robust web filtering, which will provide solid protection against phishing and malicious URLs.

Thank you all for your feedback and support.


<<<Edited: for adding offline installer>>>

Great umesh, you always keep you word :slight_smile:

Thank you, umesh! :-TU :-TU :-TU

The Best!

would you please release an offline installer

Thanks :-TU

Found a bug :wink:

upgraded from Comodo Internet Security to Comodo Internet Security

if you move the COMODO Internet Security icon on your desktop or decide to delete it, it will go back to its original location if you go to settings inside CIS and click OK

Known issue, also happens when you pin or unpin tasks to comodo task bar.

Good! :-TU
Except the renamed sandbox. What’s so technical about that name, I don’t get it.

Great release :-TU
and waiting for “Web Filtering” improvements :slight_smile:

Hi qweaszxcdf,
Sorry, we don’t have it yet.
Do you need to install on multiple systems or you have low bandwidth problem in general?


due to the extremely bad network in china,it’s slow and unstable with a online installer

Thanks for the release. Umesh I know you said that the secure DNS addresses are correct but it doesn’t look like they use the same blacklist? e.g. is blocked with the secure DNS server IP’s set by the CIS installer, but in Dragon which uses the other secure DNS addresses it is not blocked.

Thanks for the update. I have an issue to report.
Picture attached, you can see it on clean Win10 1703 after installing CIS and rebooting.
It’s as if DLL MUI resource files were blocked.

Thanks for sharing details, may be we can GEO distribute.
How do you download AV updates?


Hi futuretech ,
Let me have that resolved.
Are you able to continue browsing from blocked page?


Ok :slight_smile:

Nice, great for my novice friends/family :-TU

Will we see similar improvements to the dns also? (CIS web filrering)

Thanks for the update (:KWL)

I have to use some proxy to install cis and download av database

So problem is just not setup, but overall.

Let me get back to see if we can have GEO specific downloads, at least for China.
I would like to hear more from different country users, who face similar problem.


Will we see similar improvements to the dns also? (CIS web filrering)
Our aim is to provide full content filtering with parental control, so will be much better than just DNS. Although we will roll out in phases.


Originally no even after selecting “disregard this warning and continue” it would bring up a second blocked page with no way to continue. But now I am not getting the blocked warning thanks.