Comodo Internet Security v10.0.1.6209 release seems like a disaster.

Has anyone actually updated and have things running fine afterwards? All I see are issues popping up left and right, makes me scared to even touch this thing.

It also seems like everyone has their own method on how to uninstall this, like some recommend running an old batch file from 2010 that are unofficially not from Comodo, some say to run Revo Uninstaller, or some Registry Cleaner, etc. Why is this so hard for Comodo to get right, many programs have their own official uninstaller to deep clean ALL leftover files, it seems something like this would solve a lot of the issues I’m reading about right now.

I updated from version to the new one with no issues except the desktop icon reappearing after deleting. I had issues after updating from 8.4 to It was running slow, so I uninstalled using Most Effective Way to Reinstall/Update CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems Comodo Forum I ran Revo Uninstaller, which was a joke since they say it will remove all the previous files. After the uninstall, I found files and empty folders leftover. I used the 2 programs that they said to use in safemode and they didn’t do anything. I searched for all the folders and deleted them when windows was restarted regularly. I also deleted the leftover registry keys after using auslogics registry cleaner.

The problem was using the internal updater to update from 8.4 to this new version. If you had the previous 10 version build 6092 and updated through the internal updater it would update just fine. The recommended way to upgrade to major new versions is to uninstall then install using the standalone installer. You also have to realize people have unique setups and environments that can cause issues, especially if other security software is installed.

Using the uninstaller that comes with the installed version does a great job of uninstalling CIS but in some cases when it can’t be fully uninstalled then you would use other means to remove any leftovers. If you want to keep your settings from the older version then export the config and import after you install the new version.

A friend of mine updated from v8 to v10.1 with no problems. He had trouble with his girlfriend during the process… but you know that’s gossip, I’ll stop.
Running into issues is pretty much unavoidable. It’s like being a kamikaze pilot wearing a helmet.

And don’t forget the parachute - sorry!

im getting VERY close to removing this software…

i clicked yes to the update yesterday… and now today i find MOST programshave been blocked (antivirus updates, chrome, driver updates, games all blocked)

then i get non stop popups as ive its a new install altogether… and desktop icon flashes and keeps appearing and disappearing.

… bad move comodo… TEST your updates before rolling them out please…

used you for years… now i’m starting to look for alternatives if this does not get fixed soon. (meanwhile while typing this, 37 popups occured … it does not even save the “remember” anymore… ugh…

and another bug is… you cannot uninstall it (someone else reported that in bugs so and comodo said its a known bug)

so i cant even remove it to try reinstall from scratch…

Hi DragonWolf5589,
As suggested here, please re-install Comodo again:;msg854374#msg854374

Sorry for the inconvenience.


I upgraded from to and seen no problem so far.
(except from the desktop icon bug)
2 of my friends updated from 8.4 to and haven’t experienced any problems.