Comodo Internet Security that Includes antispyware

Im not sure, so maybe CIS already has antispyware intergrated into the anitvirus. If not, however, it would be great to see CIS intergrated with antispyware, cookie stoppers, and any other type of malicious programs out there, that are always trying to take over our PC’s/WorkStations. Another idea, which has probably already been posted somewhere here, would be CIS for Ubuntu Linux, as it is a very popular OS, and is also on two of my main computers. Hence, I have two windows and two ubuntu linux machines. My goal is to make windows as secure as linux, by use of Comodo Products.

Version 3.9 integrated Comodo’s BOClean in the AV part.

An Anti-Virus engine of CIS now can detect some Ad/Spyware already.

I wish it’ll be include Anti-Spam or Auto-Learn Mode too. ;D