Comodo Internet Security - Suggestion.

I want to expose my only dissatisfaction with the CIS: Their integrated file upload suspect, especially in the case of False Positive.
Practical example. When installing A.V.A., fps game, but when running lanch REACTOR, CIS detects a possible malware in a file. By then begins my pilgrimage to try to prove, or test and that in fact this file is not malware.

1 - The CIS does not offer the possibility to send files for analysis directly from the quarantine,I had to restore the files so he can send for analysis.

2 - Even after I restore the quarantined file, and run all risks, I went “Send Suspicious File” and then finally sent the file. But unfortunately I am also unhappy with this tool, because it does not allow any feedback, I can not put my e-mail or comment on the file sent. That is, after one month the CIS continues detecting the file as malware, which is a great inconvenience.

So after all that my suggestion? It is simple and already available and functional in other AV: To improve, integrate and simplify the system of sending Malware / False Positives.


1 - Integrating Malware tool Submission to the Quarantine. Thus making it unnecessary restore the file.

2 - Improve the submission tool, it allows for a feedback and really work. Cause I got no answer, and even after one month the CIS continues detecting the file as malware, demonstrating that the tool does not work.

3 - A third suggestion would be the very CIS automatically send files detected by Heuristic for detailed analysis.

I had to walk far to find out if the file was a false positive, I had to send it to VirusTotal, the Valkyrie, I had to go to the forum, and finally had to visit a site to submit the file (Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis)

Please do something like this site (Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis) be integrated into the CIS and without the need to remove the file from quarantine.

It is more than a suggestion, is an appeal. Improve the tool, allow feedback, incorporate it in quarantine, and make it actually function.

Thank you for listening,
Diego Gonçalves Rigoleto Santos

In Avira AV I can send the file directly from the quarantine, and I get an email when they finish analyzing the file, telling me if it is or not a Malware.

Excuse me for anything

rather than get an email response i’d rather get a response directly in the program like cpm but after i send the file have confirmation that it’s sent and that a verdict will be sent back through program itself like cpm when a verdict has been determined and give an estimate as to how many days it will take to get a verdict. also have the option for comodo to do wha they see fit to do with the file based on the verdict automatically or prompt the user for them to make the final decision based on the info the prompt gives them about the file for advanced users

I think irigoleto has made a good suggestion… +1 :-TU

When you open the quarantine, at the right of the window, there are several options : add, delete, restore, clear and submit. If you choose a quarantined item and click on “submit”, the file will be send to Comodo for analysis. I don’t understand why the OP had to restore the quarantined item to submit it for analysis. But I’m maybe missing something?

Also this wish is associated with this issue:;msg545623#msg545623

Friend, I believe that you have not absorbed all my anguish. The claim that is not the “lack” of ability to send files from quarantine, but if it work. For it seems not work, because as said, had to send the site so that in fact the file was parsed, the transmission through the program seems to be a facade, does not work. And another point is that we never have a verdict on the analysis, because it does not ask for our email to contact. Lack Feedback.

This research he does before sending the file is that ruins everything. Simply neglect the desire to know the User a forceful response and not send the file.

To clarify, here is the link of the file on virus total:

That is, this file is part of one of the biggest launch games. And I had to come into direct contact with Comodo to actually be considered as a false positive. Imagine thousands of User and the CIS and play through ijji REACTOR were not required to have a good time disabling the antivirus or adding a “uc_luminary_launching.dll” as an exception to play.

I believe that all my efforts could have been spared, for the case of a possible malware not rated CIS covers should be to refer you to automatically analyze, or at least have an enhanced interaction with the user sends files to scan through the program.

OK, thanks irigoleto, I understand better. It’s not the process of submitting a file but the lack or slowness of reactivity from Comodo Labs that causes problem.