Comodo Internet Security Settings Restoration

Hi there:

I’ve given try-outs to Comodo Internet Security on several occasions, using different versions, of course. However, I’ve never adopted this internet security tool as an item of defense arsenal, since I think it’s a big frustrating pain in the bollos not being able to restore ALL and every item of a configuration so painstakingly done to the best of my humble security knowledge. Whenever I restore a backuped general settings - be it the Internet Security one or whatever - the program sure doesn’t do this FULLY: several items of my personalized configuration are lost or not completely restored at all.

Did anyone of you guys out there also experience this whenever you tried to restore - after reformatting your hard drive, for example - your CIS settings? Also, CIS never seem to remember the whole of its settings thoroughly - it keeps prompting me now and again for a decision action regarding this or that program, when in fact I had already given permission for it to operate/not to operate in this or that respect.

Is there any solution to this “problem”? This is one that seems to persist since long past versions… Being such a complex suite of tools as it is, its devs should give great attention to this.

Thanks in advance for your help.



The things I know of that a ‘export’ of the configuration does not save is

  1. Proxy settings
  2. Trusted Files
  3. Unknown Files
  4. Custom state of the Trusted Vendor List

All other settings should be retained by exporting a configuration to a file.

Thanks for your support.

Bud, I can tell you for sure, since I’ve done restore attempts several times, under different OS conditions: Not only the items mentioned above, but several, maybe many (I am not saying ALL) aspects of the configuration are NOT restored at all. Mind you that this does NOT happen with other paid Internet security suites I’ve fully tested. A real pity this should happen just with the very free one.

Thanks anyway.

Only time this happened to me was when I tried to ‘overwrite’ an existing active profile.
I always switch to an other profile before importing a backup config, I don’t think importing over an active profile is a good way to go, maybe this happened to you?