COMODO Internet Security Review by MRG

COMODO Internet Security Review 8)

We’ve all known that for years, LOL. Nonetheless a great review and a good link to bookmark in order to shut up the nay sayers. Go Comodo.

Alright Comodo!!! ;D

Cant wait for v4 tests. :wink:

Thanks for that link guys.
We are continually improving…


Hooray for Multi Layered testing,Proactive testing, AMTSO compliant testing and what other names these tests may have.

They will show who is boss… (:KWL) (:NRD)

Now we (Comodo) need to do is find out what those “153” instances of malware was that it had originally missed so next time it will be 100% able.

The link didn’t work for me.
Can someone post the image please.

The link does not work for me either. I never could see the MBR tests. >:(

Same for me.

Does this link to their forum work better for you? (Both links work for me.)

No, it doesn’t. And I can’t access the site by wryting in the adress bar either.
Could you post a snapshot of the review?


COMODO Internet Security Review
COMODO Internet Security is a fast growing, constantly improving, freeware product which provides 360° protection.
COMODO’s motto is “Prevention is the key to internet security”, we absolutely agree with this, so we decided to use COMODO Internet Security in our multilayered test.

Making this review we used the latest version of COMODO Internet Security (3.12.111745.560), Database Version: 2470.

Reviewing process had three stages:

  1. On Demand scan on 50.000 samples of malware (June,July,August and September)

  2. Self Protection test where we used various tools with which we tried to disable COMODO Internet Security and its services.

  3. System Protection test – COMODO Internet Security was tested in Real Time against various most dangerous malware samples (better known as System Killers)

Result of our reviewing process:

  1. On Demand scan test – COMODO Internet Security failed to detect 153 samples of malware out of 50.000, scoring a detection rate of 99.69%.

  2. Self Protection Test – COMODO Internet Security successfully blocked all 10 attempts to disable it and its services.

  3. System Protection Test – COMODO Internet Security successfully detected and blocked all 15 System Killers leaving the system unharmed and fully operational.


COMODO Internet Security offers outstanding level of protection with their default settings, we were impressed with their Defense + and its ability to successfully block all attempts to disable it and harm the system.
This product offers outstanding Proactive Protection, excellent Leak Protection, On Demand scan speed is impressive, program runs very lite and uses very little of system’s resources.
As we are following the development of COMODO Internet Security we are able to see improvements made, we only hope that they will find a way to reduce the amount of popup screens which will make it more user friendly for the lesser experienced users.
Prevention is the key to internet security and COMODO is taking that seriously.

Malware Research Group

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Thanks JoWa.

Thank you again JoWa.


On Demand scan test – COMODO Internet Security failed to detect 153 samples of malware out of 50.000, scoring a detection rate of 99.69%.

Such scam always remembers me this from mikey

[i]All resident signature based scanners are just dinosaurs.

So, I really feel sorry for those folks who are still being exploited by both the malware propagators and the anti-malware industry simultaneously.

(…/… I would rather teach them to protect themselves instead of perpetuating the garbage sponsored by the anti-malware industry as a whole. We aren’t born with knowledge. Folks have to LEARN how to do everything they do before they can do it properly. If this industry were to teach and develop REAL techniques for protection, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. But that isn’t as profitable and the proof is that here we are and folks are still being hearded in mass into false security for profit.

I’m certainly not blaming the user for the probs of the web. The users are being scamed by the entire industry. However, no one on the planet can go without knowing that the web can be dangerous. TV, radio, newspapers and all medias have told the stories. Therefore, what kind of user goes online without at least trying to learn how to do it properly. I do take issue with morons who are to stupid to even try learning.

Instead, what I’m talking about is the users who would learn but are being taught the wrong things by this entire community. And all of us in this community, at one point or another, are guilty of perpetuating this large scam. While some do so unwittingly, many are very much in the know and very much in the money.)[/i]