Comodo Internet Security Puzzle

This May have been brought up in the past, But also I have looked for it and can’t see it. The Issue I see is when I have Installed Comodo from fresh! I have noticed there are 2 versions of the same Program.

This is what it shows me in my Windows 7 Machine under Programs within the Control Panel.

COMODO Internet Security the size 129.5MB 5.9.23255.2196
And it shows the same in the next program, but it does not show a size it just has 5.9.23255.2196

So I deleted the second version, like I’ve just shown you. But that Deleted the whole of Comodo Internet Security and then I had not security at all and both of the Versions of the same where gone.

So I had to reinstall from fresh again, and run thru the whole process. So I had a look under Programs via the Control panel and once again to versions of COMODO Internet Security where there again.

I have no other issue with other Programs from Comodo, as in Dragon and Geek buddy.

So what could be the Problem? Or shall I ignore it, since the Comodo Internet Security runs with no Problems.


I would say if it is not broken don’t fix it when it only looks sloppy…

When doing a clean install use registry cleaners to try to get rid of possible left over in the list. With old school Regcleaner you can take out registry keys that point to programs. You may need to add Regcleaner to the Exclusions of BO/shellcode protection in order to make it work.

Thanks EricJH for the info. Yes that is a good saying if it’s not broken then don’t fix it. But thx for the Regcleaner info I will look into it.