Comodo Internet Security Pro

Please help Comodo Internet Security Pro is not letting my T-Mobile Pay as you go Mobile Broadband dongle connect to the internet its putting it as partially Limited how do i change this as ive looked in every setting in Comodo Internet Security Pro plus i want to know why Comodo Internet Security Pro Monitors My Keybroad i dont really like it doing that as how do i know it aint keylogging me im using on Broad KeyBroad Due to this please help thanks plus im having a problem connecting to certified Technician Due to Comodo Internet Security - Pro wont connect properly due to me having T-Mobile Pay asyou go mobile broadband Internet please help how i can sort this out thanks ??? !ot! I like the Comodo Internet Security pro at the moment i was with Avg Internet Security 2011 and it didnt do as much as your Comodo Internet Security Pro is doing thanks keep up the good work thanks

If the application gets sandboxed it should show up in Unrecognised Files. If you find it there select it and move it to Trusted Files and restart the application. When that is not enough reboot and see what happens and report back if it worked or not.