Comodo Internet Security Pro Error 0x80070005

I have just performed and automatic update yesterday, 9/23 and when I open comodo v5.0.163652.1142 it says I need to do a scan on any profile (as one has not yet been performed) on my windows xp pro computer (latest updates installed) I recieve the following error:
Update failed. Error code 0x80070005. Access is denied.
(I am the only one on this computer and have admin priv)
I have searched the forums for that error and a slightly different message for something has to do with security certificates.

stupid question but i wonder what is failing to update? If it is Windows Update then you’re trying to update a driver twice. But if it is Comodo AV trying update then follow these tips

and if that doesn’t help try this way

  1. uninstall CIS

  2. clean registry with CSC (comodo system cleaner) or any other

  3. reinstall it (as admin).

if it doesn’t go then install avast (my recommendation) or other free AV together with Comodo firewall. when you are finished with all of that add Immunet.

I hope it will go good!


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What update are you referring to? AV definitions update? The av database number at the time of writing it 6262.

What is intention of your topic? It looks like a help request. Is that correct?

try to reboot after update.
If not help, reinstall. After each step reboot.
It helps to me.

From the information you have given I am not clear whether this is a bug/issue.

For the moment I will transfer you to help so you can work through this issue and hopefully resolve it. Please ask any mod to move this report back to the bugs forum if it becomes clear that it is a bug/issue.

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Hi I am having this same issue. Comodo is saying that I need to do a full scan as one has not been performed yet, but when I try to do any scan I get the following message: “Update failed. Error code 0x80070005. Access is denied”. Please help!

What is your virus database number?

More \ About

product version = 5.0.163652.1142
virus signature database version = 0

Sorry you cannot update the virus database if it is 0 it needs to be at least 1.

Please follow the instructions here Where can i download the latest full av database.