Comodo Internet Security Pro and problems and Need advice

I have ASus K55a windows 7 64 bit Home Premium and bought Security Pro 39.99. Had troubles with slow performance and like too many programs running as I could hear the laptop humming like a bunch of stuff running. Facebook and Yahoo mail and know I am getting instead of google chrome.

i used the help button yesterday and got a GeekBuddy who fixed the and then said the help was not free and he was be gracous in helping me and tried to sell me Geekbuddy at that moment at a discount rate, I told him I do not like that type of sale of being pressured and feeling guilty I used his time as I was not informed of any charges at the opening of the Geekbuddy site.

I told him I wanted a program that would keep me safe and help from hackers etc as I have had this problems in past, I use Verizon Wireless 890L-E0D1 and have had excessive charges and do not use my laptop for gaming etc just to email my deaf son in another son or shopping or research, also I am not literate with computers and can mess up settings when I try to fix something so I wanted a product that was fairly easy and easy one click fixes , also I have Cancer and do not have patience to work fixing things.

I want to know if I am using the correct program for my computer and why did I get rid of yesteradys problems just to get this page instead of google chrome. I read somewhere it was a Iran malware or something like that. Can I please get help and is Geekbuddy a added cost?

I made a paragraph structure for an easier read. Eric