Comodo Internet Security Pro About To Expire

My Comodo Internet Security Pro is about to expire. Since I do not plan on purchasing another license, will my Comodo product be reverted to the free Comodo Premium after my license expires?

Since the paid licensing is for services and the CIS software is the same for all paid versions you will still be protected.

Thank you for your help.

Hi there
My trial has just expired, but Comodo has just locked itself up and wants a license code. I only want the free version also, so is there a code I should enter?
Thanks, Gareth

What do you mean with locks its self up?Is it disabling its self?

Thanks for the quick reply. Comodo is still there but if I press anything (except add a license code) it says “this feasture has been disabled because your license has expired”.

Cheers, Gareth

uninstall and re install CIS 5.10
you don’t require a license to run it.
Your copy may have become corrupt.

Thanks. Can you provide me with a link (or address) for CIS 5.10? I was able to find the cispremium installer on the Comodo site (I tried uninstalling and reinstalling that but after the reinstall it still said licence expired).

Cheers, Gareth

Use this guide to completely uninstall CIS
then download the latest version from here

Hello Gareth,

For $4.99/yr, let me recommend you to reconsider on renewing your license.
You can see here the usual pricing for CIS.

And see here A SPECIAL offer from COMODO, CIS PRO for only $4.99/yr.
You save 90% and have all the features to protect your PC and have GeekBuddy for your PC Problems.

A big thank you for the quick and helpful response. Comodo is now up and running perfectly.

Cheers, Gareth