Comodo Internet Security Pro 5.3+VPN+uTorrent=Slow speeds

Hi. I have noticed that when I run uTorrent through VPN the firewall slows the downloads noticably. I have a 100mbit cable connection. When VPN is activated I usually get speeds around 60-80mbit and that’s expected. But when the CIS 5.3 Firewall is active the speed drops to 15-20mbit and that is to much of a drop. I have reproduced the error by right-clicking the comodo icon and set the Firewall Security Level to Disabled, and in seconds, the speed is around its usual 60-80mbit.

Anyhow, I have followed Pandlouks guide for creating rules, both global and application. I have the “do protocol analysis” box unchecked. Everything looks green in utorrent, and the utorrent portchecker says my port is open and configured correctly, when the firewall is activated. So I am fully connectable. The resource usage of CIS when downloading is normal i.e. very low. Should there be rules added for the OpenVPN application as well? I´m a new customer of Comodo so I haven´t really learned how to create rules yet.

I have Windows 7 64bit OS and CIS 64bit as well. My router, a Dir-655, is forwarded on the actual utorrent port as well.

Best regards
Jan, Sweden

EDIT: LOL, I solved it. I uninstalled the Openvpn client. Apparently I had openvpn 2.2 beta5 version installed. So I downgraded to stable version 2.1.3 and the problem went away. And download speeds are back to normal again.

Best Regards
Jan, Sweden