Comodo Internet Security Pro 2012 for $4.99/year

I just saw Comodo Internet Security Pro 2012 for $4.99/year :o, . . . . .i was almost going to buy it, after i clicked Buy Now but the price again changed to $49.99 :-X . . . . . there’s a mistake i think

Yeah, that’s a good deal! :o

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i reported the issue, so can I get it for $4.99 as a reward or something :a0

Check it again !

I clicked on the buy now and it remained at $4.99 for 1 year including support for 3 pcs including Geek Buddy
(Trust Connect was not mentioned)

Also not sure of the limitations of GeeK Buddy

One version I read only supported Comodo Products and malware removal
While the following was for the Full Paid Version

Remove Viruses & Spyware
Setup Email Accounts & Printers
Install & Configure Software
Perform Local Data Backups
PC-Tune Ups
Pro-actively Help You Avoid Future Issues
Lots More…
Click Here to Learn More!
Price: $49.95/year

Not sure how long this offer For Comodo Internet Security Pro 2012 will last ?


Edit after Melih’s post at 3:37 PM
Just clicked on the buy now and was Surprised to see it now showing $49.99

Wonder what is happening !?!

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its $4.99…:slight_smile:

here it is still $49.99 …

So is it a Christmas deal?

so far! :slight_smile:

It says over here its a “Limited Time Offer” of 4.99$.

Since this is intentional and not a website issue, I’ve moved the thread.

dont understand, if i click on the buy button here it is still $49,99 …

We believe Security should be free.

We believe services that user needs that can’t be provided for free, should be VERY affordable.

Well I like it, 4.99 is a very nice offer :slight_smile: Just hope limited time means life time in this case ;D


4$ for technical support is very nice prices. Mind if I spread it?

pls go ahead.


I think my daily cup of joe costs more than this deal.

i just bought my license :-TU . . . . as far as I can see the only difference in the free and pro version is the Remote support, can anyone elaborate in deep detailing as what is covered under Remote support . . . … . . . …

Guys, I want to support your hard work to make the internet safer and I bought a license. Such a price is a bargain :wink:

By the way, happy new year to all of you.

Much appreciate your support! It really is a no brainer for $4.99. We are working hard to make everything we have either free or amazingly affordable…

thank you


…that, and the $500 Guarantee that nobody else gives.

Expert support offering 24/7 live chat service to assist with everything from setup to virus removal and Windows issues at no additional charge.

If you want specific details (a list of tasks that you can request) within this service, click here.