Comodo Internet Security Premium


Comodo lets just start this off, I can’t live without I need it. Everysingle other software has failed me. Comodo has least failed me and makes my computer work where others dont.

Now let me start out with my problems, I don’t expect much results hopefully observations that conclude answers to problems but this is a long shot.
First problem with Comodo internet security premuim (the best out of all the rest) is the stop scan when u hit computer scan , I cannot stop scan past 9% or objects scanned 1668963 if i hit stop scan its stops the scan but I cannot quite the screen where it shows me the scans and threats found its frozen.

My other big concern is Origin for EA games, it freezes my whole computer for at least 30 seconds today it gave me the blue screen of death when origin asked me to update it and it froze on updating and in task command I went to end task but it didnt do jack. When I tryed reinstalling origin blue screen of death, I just wanted to play sim city for fcuk sakes.

Now Im running win7 and have comodo in paranoid mode, and costum policy , I LOVE THESE MODES my god it makes me feel like I actually have a say and what my computer can and cannot do! But i am not educated enough to know exactly what I am doing with out trial and error but atleast I can stop something before it happens! I just want to say STEAM uses an overlay that has acesss to the internet and when I play hallife for counterstrike I get some wierd commandsasking me for persmission to use some protected disk space, of course I block it. But the origin freezing my computer plus bluescreen of death is worrrying to me. Is EA games fcking me over? and why?

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In order to forward these issues to the devs there can only be one bug per topic. Thus, please edit your first post so it is only about one issue. You can then create other topics for each of the other issues you are experiencing.

Also, when creating these and editing the first post of this topic, be sure to use the format provided here:;msg651613#msg651613
Just copy and paste the code. Then put your responses after the colons. As you are experiencing multiple issues you should really only need to create one. You can then copy and paste it for each of the other issues you are experiencing, making only small changes to focus on the issue related to the topic.

Also, attach the diagnostics report and a process list to each of your reports. If you have any questions about how to do that please feel free to ask. I am absolutely willing to help.

Thank you.

PM reminder sent.

From the report you submitted here:
it appears that you are using CIS version 5.12. Thus, as I mentioned in the other post, I cannot process this as V5 will no longer be receiving program updates.

Therefore, in an attempt to hopefully find you help with these issues, I will move this to the HELP section of the forum. Hopefully someone will have advice which will function as a workaround for these issues.

Thank you.