Comodo Internet Security Premium

Heyy Frds,

            Currently there's much talking about Comodo TVL in the forum here. Many people want the previous option to disable the TVL back. I know there is a thread regarding the ongoing TVL thing but I didn't wanted to mix the suggestion here with the other thread so starting this new thread.

            What I want to say or suggest about the TVL feature or CIS is - 

TVL or Whitelist is good for HIPS softwares coz they kind of make the HIPS silent. But due to the ongoing TVL prob i.e Malwares in the TVL people here have suggested many things or options like disable TVL, remove TVL, etc.

         What I want to suggest is, CIS should have only 2 security mode. Default (For Majority of Users) - Comodo Internet Security & Proactive (For Experts Only).

         But currenlty there is not much difference between Internet Security & Proactive. Internet Security Mode is good for Average (Majority) of Users. Proactive should be for Experts. Proactive should have different settings suited for Experts like Disabled TVL, Disabled Cloud, Disabled Sandbox, etc or the settings Comodo think suits the Expert Users or the settings asked by the Expert Users here. 

       Wot Say Frds???


I’m curious why you think experts would want to disable these things?

It seems presumptuous to call myself an expert, but I’d like to think I know my way around CIS pretty well. Now granted, I’ve never been happy with the TVL, but I have absolutely no problem running the Internet Security profile with the cloud and sandbox enabled.

I’m moving this post to the wishlist as that forum seems more appropriate.

I’m not sure it’s necessary to change proactive security mode itself.

I think what should be implemented are those options you asked for, except easy to configure, instead of included in one of the general configurations. For example, a single button that says “Disable Cloud” would be very useful.