Comodo Internet Security Premium Web Protection?

Does a Web Protection or Link Scanning option exist in Comodo IS? I’m planning of upgrading my firewall only config to a full Comodo suite but am curious if there is Web Protection similar to that of Avast or AVG. If not then how does Comodo protect users from exploits and other viruses that isn’t a downloadable executable but simply executes a well-known program (ie: Java) to exploit or infiltrate the system?

Hello! It’s a no for the web protection as Comodo don’t believe in so called ‘web protection’ since it is using more system resources and second the malware still need to hit your system to infect you. But in the Comodo browsers you do have a link scanner to check sites it’s called Comodo Web Inspector.

Comodo AV will detect malware on the system access or once you execute it dep on the AV settings so you are protected without the web protection. If Comodo AV fails to detect malware the Def+ will save your day with the sandboxing or HIPS. As for web protection Avast and others still need to ping the malware site to protect you.

CIS does protect you against exploits such as buffer overflow attacks which are widely used in many exploits. It is not one exploit! On top of that Comodo can still detect suspicious behavior such as you described.

Edit: With the new version 6 you get a virtual browser that’s another level of protection against exploits.

Wow thanks for the insanely fast replies! I decided to go through with the upgrade but to reinforce the security and ease my worries, I also added a third-party add-on (Bitdefender Trafficlight) just to be sure.

You are welcome! ;D Glad to hear that! :-TU

One more thing I forgot to mention which is optional when you install CIS you can set Comodo DNS which will filter out malware sites as well.

I also recommend following this guide on how to set up CIS 6:

If you have any further Q’s just ask :slight_smile:

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