Comodo Internet Security Premium (v.6.3) blocks Torrent TV

In firewall products Comodo Internet Security Premium v.5.12 (v.6.3) at entry to the " Blocked zone" area or any network address is blocked access to TorrentTV using AceStream Media_2.1.10.2_VLC_1.1.12 without any outward signs , except not loaded TorrentTV. Checked on two operating systems for two versions Windows7x32 CIS - v.5.12 v.6.3 and as with the current settings , and the default settings ( configuration “Comodo - Internet Security”).
I hope that this information will be useful to many developers will be found and the answer to the question about how to use the possibility of Comodo Internet Security Premium block the network zones , addresses and at the same time use AceStream Media.

Comodo will block untrusted programs from connecting to the internet. This could be what happened.

Dear ad18, if you have to a type of HIPS, it at the father-in-law was disconnected. Except this ace_engine.exe it was brought in the entrusted files. What communication then between functioning of the program and the settings “The Blocked Zones”. I wish you good luck.

You must add specific rules to the firewall and trust files before they can run correctly and use the internet.

Thanks, I know. All this (GR, AR, Trusted …) has made for the appendix ace_engine.exe. A problem that at addition of any address in “ the Blocked Zones ” program AceStream Media does not work. Why there is such interrelation?

I do not know. Darn technology is so confusing. 88)