Comodo Internet Security premium 10 "hangs" during full system scan.

I check for updates with my Comodo internet security product every day to make sure I have the latest protection. The updates always install and activate without a hitch. However, ever since I downloaded and installed updates on may 15 I have been unable to complete a full system scan. It gets to around 98% done and then freezes. The elapsed time clock still moves, but it eventually hangs on a file and then after a certain amount of time of trying to finish it says “scan aborted.” I have also noticed that it “hangs” on a different file every time. I have already tried completely uninstalling and re installing product, but the issue still persists. I seem to remember reading about an issue similar to this here or somewhere else online where it said some files can become corrupted during the update process. There were some solutions mentioned in the post/article, but I can’t seem to find it again. Has anyone else had this issue after updating that could walk me through how to fix it? Any help that anyone could provide would be much appreciated!

You need to figure out the file it is hanging on by using killswitch. Go to containment tasks and select watch activity to download killswith, then if you see the UAC shield in the lower right corner of killswitch window click it to run it as an administrator. Then run a full scan and double click on the cavwp process that is using the most CPU and go to the handles tab and sort by path. When the scan hangs look for any file type handles with a file path to the file that is still being listed. Also check for memory dumps in C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Cisdumps relating to cavwp.exe