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I already have Comodo Internet Security free installed on one computer Vista. I notice that the paid version includes all computers in the home. So… If I install the paid version on my XP will it also work on my Vista which is already installed? How would I work that? Sorry to be so dense but… I would like to know the answer. Thanks :SMLR

Hi nowhiz

Here is what you get in the free version: Taken from the Comodo download page

Firewall Protection
A firewall is your first line of defense in protecting private information. Our award-winning firewall is designed to prevent unauthorized hackers from obtaining your private information.

AntiVirus Software
Prevent, Protect and Defend your computer against attacks. Comodo’s AntiVirus Software will scan your computer AND remove viruses on a schedule that works for you.

Proactive Security
Defense+ proactively protects your critical operating system files, registry entries and personal data from internal attacks by root-kits, key-loggers, Trojans and other malware.

Here is what you get with the paid version: All of the above Plus:

Wherever, whenever and however you use the Internet! TrustConnect can be used at coffee shops, hotels, airports, City/Town Public Wi-Fi hubs, or anywhere! A $49.00 value on its own. Wi-Fi is MOST dangerous. Now you don’t have to worry.

Hands On Support
Available 24/7
PC Tune Ups
Did your computer use to run faster? When your computer can’t keep up with you, it’s time for a PC Tune Up. Just let us know, and we’ll optimize your computer’s performance & memory.

Remote Virus Removal
You can rely on Comodo to remove any infections your PC may have, remotely! Just let us know the problem and we can connect to your computer and take care of it for you. You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy expert protection.

Remote Installation
Comodo Support Experts will provide Remote Installation of Comodo Internet Security for you in a flash.

24-7 Chat Support
Isn’t it nice to know that someone is there if you have a problem with your PC? 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you can connect to a Comodo support person to help you, all you have to do is ask!

Hope this helps you understand. Yes it is for Vista and XP. There are separate installers for both.


Hi JJJasper, thanks for answering and a Merry Christmas to you too…So… If I decide on the paid version, do I uninstall the free version that I already have on my Vista first? And would I get one license that would work for the Vista and the XP even though, as you said, they are separate downloads? I guess as far as protection goes it is the same with the free as with the paid. I have just recently installed Comodo Internet Security and I do like it, although it is a little complicated for me. Thanks,

Yes you would need to uninstall free version first.

1 license per PC.


Thank you Josh, I will have to think about that, $80. dollars for two. :-\ I thank you for answering. :SMLR

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well and Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to update everyone that Comodo Internet Security Pro is in fact for an unlimited amount of computers.

It is $39 for the year and can be used on any of your computers.

After you sign-up you will receive and email confirmation with a subscriber ID. You then will chat with our support experts and they will install CIS on any/all of your computers - You also can use TrustConnect on all your computers as well as you have 4 service sessions to use throughout the year.

You can sign-up here:

Hope that helps!

Kim Leone
Marketing Manager - Consumer Products