Comodo Internet Security on Wikipedia

Can someone make a article in Wikipedia about CIS. I understand that it has no real value, but I would like to see it there. (:LOV)

i think anyone can create one…

good idea


TheRyan, how can you say that CIS’s lightweight yet powerful protection has no value? :slight_smile:

I hope Comodo users do edit information about Comodo on Wikipedia.

Here is a link to Wikipedia’s “Who Writes Wikipedia?” article for more information in case you feel like writing such an article:

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Hi Katharine and welcome aboard the Comodo forums, I believe he meant that people researching on Wikipedia would believe that CIS wouldn’t be taken at face value, hence a brief but concise description of its’ strengths would be in order to convince them of its’ true value and especially its’ effectiveness.


Unforunately, I was a bad boy on Wikipedia, and got a temp IP ban =(.

Give the suggested link and I could write some stuff that I know, nothing fancy, but then later maby someone could improve it later on…


Here is the link MonkeyBoy and other people

Thanks Ryan, Iam having some trouble with the Reference system but a (somewhat lal) article is on its way!.

Anyone and anyone who can should contribute to this!!!

Thank you guys! this will be a great help to many users.


check it out…
I think it needs great improvements…

Anyway its a start…
A suckyone… But a start! =) Unless they remove it for being sucky(not up to wikipedia standards)! =)

EDIT:: I tried to be somewhat neutral… SSome pics would be nice…
And some better info maby… Anyway Iam off to my gf now!

My language Polish:) :comodorocks:

Not bad, MonkeyBoy, NOT BAD AT ALL.

However, You forgot this: Free non-stripped down version and has a paid version with 24/7 support.

excellent write up…

maybe its worth mentioning that CIS is world’s first Internet Security Suite where Prevention is the first line of defense. All other packages use Detection as their first line of defense hence fail. CIS uses Prevention as the first line of defense followed by Detection as the 2nd line of defense. And this is THE differentiator between us and everyone else. Also the latest version comes with Memory firewall, which stops drive by download attacks (prevents), again i don’t think other packages have a module like that and drive by downloads are one of the biggest problems and method of pushing malware into people’s machines.



some 3rd party sources for our products.


I wrote an article about CIS in the Swedish version of Wikipedia in October, but the article was removed because the application was too new!? >:( ??? Now there is just a redirection to Comodo Group: Comodo Internet Security – Wikipedia

weird…Norton Internet Security 2009 was also very new when they decided to put it on wikipedia…

I guess they provided some sort of reason :-

It looks like that an alternate version could be accepted.

CIS was reviewed, has public tests and IMHO all requirement for a wikipedia approval. :comodorocks:

EDIT: it looks like the most concrete reason was likely a missing Independent assessment like the one for NIS.

I guess it will not be an issue to find related awards and reviews for CIS too. :-TU