COMODO Internet Security Notifications Bug

Hi i have this issue with CIS since 2 days ago. When i try to disable any realtime protection i get popup but it dissappears suddenly so i can’t disable it properly. I tried restarts, reinstallation but i got same issues ! Is it bug or something ?

Thanks in advance !

Anyone ?


You are another one which has this bug, same as me and others, look at my post :

Yes, still no response, for this computer I changed my security setup and uninstalled Comodo, I will try another day but it seems that Comodo will not (or are unable to) correct it, there are posts about this bug that are 2 years old! I don’t understand why there is no reaction, maybe a good theory is that this bug is more common than they think and can’t handle it, and maybe it has even critical security issues (what if a malware can’t be blocked because of that)? With this bug, Comodo lost reputation, at least for me. Reported bug, without any answer still.

Maybe the golden age of Comodo is ending, according to some serious bugs (look here in the forum, seems that there are proof of concepts that malware can actually bypass sandbox… I hope this is just temporary but reminds me Avira’s Antivir : at a time, it was light, fast and secure… It became bloated and lost responsiveness with new malwares… So, just hope that Comodo is not on the same path.

It’s baaaack ! >:( Fix this issue already

Hi Guys,

We will investigate and get back you with the fix asap.

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Thanks Buket, it’s appreciated :slight_smile:

Here’s diagnostic report :

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Hey Silwncer,

Thank you very much for the report.

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No problem. It does occur quite often,not everyday.