Comodo Internet Security not recognized by Safe Connect, and or GSU

Hello to whom it may concern,
It has come to my recent attention that Comodo Internt Security is not recognized by either impulse safe connect or Georgia southern university as a valid security software. Because it doesn’t recognize CIS, It cuts me off from the school network until the problem is “resolved”. What can I do to correct this problem?
I have reduced your program to just the firewall, and it seems to work fine. I am temporaraliy using Microsoft security essentails until the issue is resolved.
If asnybody has any ideas that I can get this resolved please let me know
This is really annoying.
Please try to fix it.

this is not comodo fault its safe connect’s. they have a list of AVs they support and comodo isnt one of them. you will have to contact them to get the problem fixed

Please contact the security support of your University and ask them to review CIS.

It is odd that it accepts the Firewall but not the suite. Did you ask them about it?

I did not talk to them about it, and no, I wasn’t blaming comodo, I am just frustrated about this whole situation.

With the protection the Comodo Firewall with D+/sandbox/whitelisting the AV is of lesser importance.

For me the choice of AV is secondary as the real work gets done the Comodo Firewall. I am just too lazy to try another signature based solution so I use the suite. But that being said any reputable AV will be fine and may be more customisable for example.

Using another AV makes me not feel I would be less safe. Not using the Comodo firewall would.