Comodo Internet Security Not In Task Bar + Weird Behavior

My current concern with this software is that, just now, I went to install a program, I right clicked on the executable and clicked scan with comodo. Nothing happened. I then right clicked again and chose run in sandbox. Again nothing happened so obviously i was like WTF

I looked down into my system tray and kablamo!! its not there. again, wtf.

Was it running? was my PC safe? After spending a full day downloading apps and updating I’m really annoyed to have to do it again. Can I trust that this Internet Security software actually protects me? I mean, who knows how long it was running for before it just… ?? disappeared?

This isn’t the first time this has happened. I had the older version on a different laptop and one day i come home to find that the FW and auto protect is turned off.

The problem is this software is suppose to give me peace of mind that my computer is safe on the internet and not joining some ■■■■■■ bag’s bot net and its not.

Something to note. I then went into my start menu and launched comodo internet security. In the menu it said it had updated 2 hours ago… How could it have if it wasnt running? and if it was, why wasnt it in the system tray and why didn’t it do anything when i asked it to scan for a file and run a file in the sandbox?

I have been thinking more about this, it is also possible I closed CIS 6 when i attempted to close the widget.

If the interface is closed, you are still protected. The program is still running. You just accidentally closed the GUI.

Hi and welcome zipfel,
Considering the fact that it updated, I would be fairly confident in saying CIS was still running and that you were protected.
The two services required for protection, cmdagent.exe is your core protection and one instance of cavwp.exe is required for real time scanning.

Is the icon present on reboot?
If yes, there is a chance that you did just exit from the icon accidentally.
If this is what happened, your system would be still protected.

Edit: Thanks for your above post L.A.R. Grizzly. :-TU
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Hey thanks L.A.R. Grizzly and captainsticks for your replies.

That is relieving to know that I was still protected after my gaff.

I guess when the GUI process isn’t running, your context menu (when you right click something, the menu that appears there is called your context menu) links for scanning a file and running a file in the sandbox do not work. Which is understandable and reasonable…

Hi zipfel, you are welcome.
It is still possible that the right click scan still functions correctly with the icon closed, the tasks logs tell us it scans.
The main difference being with the icon closed is this closes all notifications or GUI functions, so it appears to scan without being notified that it is doing so.