Comodo Internet Security never seems to update anymore

My Comodo Internet Security never seems to update the virus database anymore.
Is this intentional or is something wrong?
I manually scan for updates and it says the database is up-to-date even though it never updates anymore.
Please help.

What product version are you using?

What is your current virus definition version number?

Do you get any error messages when attempting an update?

Hello, This is a good way to see if your definitions are up to date

You can find out when CIS was last updated from the main screen, Also check what database number by going to

After some people complained of ‘updating anti virus’ notifications, it seems that Comodo has just removed that notification message… while it actually updates in the background.

In the summary page of CIS under ‘Virus Defense’ - the date and time of updating is mentioned like ‘the database has been updated on ___________’, which you can seeing after every say 1/2 an hour.

This can lie to you though…

There have been times when Comodo stopped serving DB updates for whatever reason and the CIS GUI happily reports that it is updating every 30 minutes when no update actually occurred.

Correct. It only reports when it last checked for updates, This includes even if there were no updates available at that time :wink:

I’m using product version 3.8.65951.477 and the database version 1157.
The one on the comodo website goes up to 1600 and something.

Hello Edwithmj, You need to update to the latest program version. Check for updates Via Comodo → Misc.
Or download it from

Hope this helps.

Thanks Kyle.
I’ll update to the latest version from the website.