COMODO Internet Security Makes AntiVirus Obsolete?

It seems Malwarebytes ( ) makes AntiVirus obsolete. Does :P0l COMODO Internet Security :P0l make AntiVirus Obsolete too?

CIS and the auto sandbox has been making antivirus obsolete for some time now. :slight_smile:


I’m using CFW 10 without any realtime AV.
Everything is light and I’m 100% protected

Antivirus are obsolete, but extremely necessary. The line of defense begins with the detection of malicious code initiated by antivirus modules.

I guess 75% of Melih’s 14 k posts are about Antivirus being obsolete.

It’s better to have a detection of 85% and a protection of 100% or to have a detection of 99,9% and to get your files encrypted by a ransomware that falls in the 0,1% of missed detection? 8)

It’s better to have a detection of 99,9% and a protection of 100% ;D ;D ;D

Same here

Free Vs Free. For 14 days only though.


COMODO Internet Security Makes AntiVirus Obsolete
I dont know

I dont know what its like to have my computer infected, I use Comodo. I fix computers on a regular bases for fun, throw in comodo, tell them a few things about how comodo works and send them off there merry way >:-D I still never seen a malware bypass comodo’s sandbox on “limited”

ahahah :-TU

Guys…first we need to define
What Malware is:

once you define what Malware is, you then have to define
What Malware problem is:

Only when you define these 2, can you start making statements about making this or that obsolete…

So What is Malware?
What is Malware problem?
(2 different things).

This is incorrect. Default Deny does NOT begin with the AV, That is the last line of defense.

A good code that does malicious things

Malware Problem:
You allowing this code to run with unfettered access.

Solving Malware Problem:
Do not allow this code to run with unfettered access!

I need AV. HIPS cannot determine if code is good or bad. It only tells me that is suspicious. Suspicious=/=bad.

AV can’t tell you if its good.

It may “approximate” that it is “bad” “sometimes” (not 100%, can never be 100%, scientifically proven).

Then it “assumes” it is “good”…

AV telling you bad is “Approximation”
AV telling you good is “Assumption”

if so, you should virtualize everything, because whitelists and blacklists can be wrong too

Security is all about Risk Management.

Virtualizating only the “unknown” is good enough risk.

Indeed, but it’s also about usability and ‘virtualizing the unknown’ is an excellent balance between security and usability.

Yes, like that Comodo can fail only in two ways:

  1. if the user makes a mistake
  2. if a malware has been whitelisted