Comodo internet security killed my bluetooth

Ok, strong title but it’s frustrating as hell.

devmonsrv.exe is a very common title for a bluetooth device driver I’ve come to find learn and Comodo Internet Security deleted it. Or so it appears. I’ve searched and searched and I can’t figure out how to get my bluetooth to work again.

I have a brand new Dell Inspiron N5150 and it was working fantastic until I installed Comodo. I use my bluetooth to transfer files to students at least 15-20 times per week but unfortunately for the last I have been unable to do my job.

Anyone over here got any words of wisdom?

Are there any files in the quarantine?

If there were, they aren’t now. I uninstall the program, unfortunately. I uninstalled it before I realized what had happened.

Even if you uninstalled the program the files would be in the quarantine. Thus whatever happened wasn’t due to the antivirus detecting and removing a file.

How about a system restore point prior to this occurring?

I wouldst exactly call Comodo disabling your Bluetooth “killing your computer”. Subject title is misleading and should say "Comodo killed my Bluetooth.

You’re right, I was a little more than frustrated when I wrote that. I’ve had the problem for a week.