COMODO Internet Security is the best I've found

I’ve been on the internet for quite a few years, and used to be involved in an outlaw motorcycle club. Because of that, I was frequently the target of hackers, either wanting to see any info I might have stored, or just to crash my computer for kicks. I’ve used most all of the supposed best in the firewall/antivirus market, the worst being Zone Alarm with Panda Antivirus to cover both problem areas. A few years ago, a trojan was released that blocked access to all the main antivirus and software based firewall websites, and also shut down the firewall and anti-virus program you had running. I think it was called zaalertor something, It was meant to copy the main Zone Alarm process. A window opened, telling me that an update was available for my zone alarm, I clicked it and all hell broke loose. I called zone alarms phoine number, the only advice they gave was, re-install windows. I called Panda, their advice, re-install windows. Neither knew of the trojan till days later. My computer hasn’t crashed since I started using COMODO, so my guess would be, they have a better product than the rest.

Thanks, and if you do end up having any problems just let us know and we’ll help.

By the way, if you would like any advice on how to configure it to increase your security, without much loss in usability, you can read my article here.

Hello, the truth is that I am very happy with Comfortable Internet Security since to the being a very finished antivirus is free, comfortable it even is superior to several suites of antivirus payments since I have proved many antiviruses but remain with COMFORTABLE the best:)

A greeting from Argentina!! forgive if it is not understood I am using the translator google;)