Comodo Internet Security is infected with malware? ( False positive by F-Prot)

Check this link

Yeah, its a false positive. But just wanted to show incase someone wants to tell F-Prot about it.

Please report the false positive to F-Prot using the link given in this topic.

Also be aware that antivirus and antimalware software USUALLY detect each other as evil things. Basically in order for any of them to do their job properly they use some of the same things as malware/virii infecting your system would such as locking files so they cannot be edited loading non system dll’s into long term memory etc.
Because of this when scanning any system with a different scanner then what is installed on the system you can USUALLY assume the installed av/amw will be detected as a virus or malware. Since the devs generally have better things to do then encode each others sigs into their own software its expected that people getting these false positives would have the intelligence to question the results especially on well known software.
Unless of course your an idiot who downloaded a “cracked” version from a torrent or warez site …in which case … assume you just infected yourself beyond any likely recovery and format c: /u /v…