Comodo Internet Security installer question

Hi everyone

I have heard many good things about Comodo firewall and Defense+ HIPS system and would like to try it on my machine. But the Comodo download page feels little like a maze to me. I found an installer called cispremium_installer_x86.exe. Its md5 checksum is DC58793767BA5AD31C7BAD4CB9EB3B66. Is this the correct installer to use if I want to install Comodo Defense+ HIPS and use Default Deny Protection on Windows 32bit? I don’t want to install any AV, I’m happy with my Microsoft Security Essentials. Thank you for help!

If you have AV all you need is this: Download Antivirus for Mac | Free Antivirus Software for Mac


OK, thanks. But that file is a very large download, like the one I already downloaded and my internet connection is slow. Because of that let me ask: can I use the cispremium_installer_x86.exe I downloaded (md5sum DC58793767BA5AD31C7BAD4CB9EB3B66) to install just the Comodo Firewall and Defense+ HIPS with Default deny Protection? Is that the correct md5 checksum? I heard the Comodo Internet Security installer should have option not to install AV. Thanks again :slight_smile:

I think you can just install and disable AV!