Comodo Internet security installer has stopped working

“Comodo Internet security installer has stopped working” this is the message i get every time i try to install CIS3.5 latest revision. I have uninstalled CFP3.0 and ever since cannot get this to work. I even have an old version of CFP that will not install anymore. I have run CCleaner as well as Comodo’s registry cleaner. Disabled antivirus as well. Dont know where to go from here.

Any Ideas?

Im running Vista64 HomePremium SP1

Hmm, dont use the 32-bit installer, but the 64-bit, try that.

Try to run Installer as Administrator

I am still having this problem. I am using the 64-bit version and i have tried running as admin. The only way i have any luck is to install an old version (3.0) and upgrading, but that presents its own set of problems as then cfpupdat.exe will not work. I have tried uninstalling, then using comodo reg cleaner, running ccleaner, using the 3.0 batch file (CFP_3_File_Registry_Cleaner) that deletes all registry entries. Nothing works and do not want to resort to a clean OS install. Any ideas?

Running Vista64 Premium

Now I cannot even use the old 3.0 install file to install/upgrade anymore. get same message “installer has stopped working”