Comodo Internet Security gets a well deserved mention on BBC! Hurray....

Comodo Internet Security in BBC. Hurray!!!

The success of CIS has been an amazing example of Community and Developers working together to create an amazing Security and protection for the community itself. This is an achivement that people in future will write books about as the new way, new method of security and trust for the masses.

Thank you to every single one of our users for making this possible. Thank you!


Good good!

Still I dissagree to some extent to what is being said there… :smiley:

"Many of the free options have fewer and more basic features than the full price alternatives. "

And: "commercial alternatives can provide a more comprehensive level of protection. " :slight_smile:
Still the word is “can” so guess thats true… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

But I think CIS has proved paid alternatives there is as strong if not stronger very easy to customize options for free! =)

Still being shown there is very good! GO BBC! =) Hopefully they do more stories like this!

Melih, thank you and your Comodo to help us protect against malware for FREE (especially, from trojans sending our electronic payment systems’ logins/passwords to their masters).