Comodo Internet Security Premium!?

I know that this sounds weird… but… is it normal that COMODO Internet Security Free

goes into Premium without even buying? I also double-checked and I found out that this

has no expiry… so this is definitely not trial… I’m also not using any weird cracking stuff…

Can someone please inform me about this?

It’s just a name change with the current version. The devs decided it sounded better than Free (I agree). CIS has always been free. It isn’t a trial version, it’s complete (except for the tech support of the paid version).

Its a premium product provided to you at no cost!

It has no ads, no 3rd party products nothing…Just pure security…so premium is a good word to describe it imo.


oh! thanks for the information! ;D I love it! PRemium!!!

I like JoshuaLangit123’s slogan… “Fear my COMODO Malware Defense!”


!ot! thanks… it goes with my profile pic… :slight_smile: